Angel Wings used for a Children’s Series TV pilot with Ed Asner

Have we got
for you

Antique Rocking Chair from Early California

Three File Cabinets: 1 four-drawer and 2 two-drawer

Solid Wood Office Desk with Computer Extension

36 Time/Life Home Improvement series
plus, three extra related books

American Geographic Society
Around the World Series




Spring Cleaning Bargains



Here are some of the Bargains we’re offering so we can clean out our production room, and bring in some funds for the documentary production.

Back Street Boys Magnetic Bulletin Board,

Set of 36 Time/Life Home Improvement books,

HP All-in-One Printer, Copier, Scanner and Ink Carts,

American Geographic Society Around the World books,

Complete Avid Editing System, Iron Film Rack,

35mm Canon Lenses, Large Red Suit Case,

Full Wall of Industrial Racks, 175 Records,

and over 300 Movie Brochures.

Coming Soon:

16mm Projector w/Anamorphic Lens Adapter,

2 Slide Projectors, Professional Camera Tripod,

Lowel Light Kit case full of Cables and Connectors,

Antique Fireplace Pokers, DVD/CD/VHS/Betamax Decks,

Human-size Wings, and more, coming soon.

Some of the items on this page require the buyer to make an offer, once the price has been agreed upon, the buyer can return to

this page & use the button

below to send their fee.













Early Backstreet Boys Heavy Magnetic Bulletin Board

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Two Tall and Deep Metal Storage Racks
Both Racks have now Sold

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Make an Offer or
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The Backstreet Boys (BSB) were a very hot vocal group in the mid to late 90s.  This “magnetic bulletin board”

is like 24” X 36” poster, but it’s heavy (10 pounds).  It used to belong to the daughter of one of the Upa Doc crew members, who just remembers she had a crush on AJ, but has no idea what she used this board for.

Our photo, above, was not great quality, because of our lighting conditions, so on the right is

their second album cover

that it was taken from.

As it’s somewhat of a collector’s item, we’d like to get at least $50 for it.  No shipping included. Pick-up from our Burbank office required.

These black metal storage racks are 72” high, 36” wide, and 16” deep, sturdy, but light weight.

We’d like to get $20 for each rack.  No shipping included.  Pick-up

from our Burbank office required.

As this is a fascinating collector’s item, we’d like to get at least $500 for it.  No shipping included, but will be added to the price, if requested by the buyer. Pick-up from our Burbank office is also an option.

This is a fascinating old book series, which some of us would like to keep, but, in the interest of raising funds for the documentary, we’ve decided to let it go.  It’s a series of 41 small 5.5” x 8.25” books,  averaging a little over 60 pages per book, and published by Nelson Doubleday, inc., in 1961, for the renowned American Geographical Society, founded in 1851

in New York City, and still going strong.   Each book includes around 30 stamps for the purpose of pasting on pages throughout each book.  The stamps have never been pasted in the books, so the stamps and books remain in excellent condition.  However, the seven boxes that hold the books are not in great condition.  The seven boxes, with sample books

and related stamps are pictured to the left.

Each of the 41 books is written by a different

“fellow” of the AGS, and covers a specific country

or group of countries, a few don’t even exist now. 

The 41 books cover; Argentina, Afghanistan &

the Himalayan States, Arabian Peninsula, Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Ceylon, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt & Syria, Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Holland, Hungary, Bulgaria & Romania, Iceland & Greenland, Indochina, Islands of the Eastern Mediterranean, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya & Uganda, Lesser Antilles, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippine Islands, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United States

of America, Venezuela, and Wales.

This is one of the series of books published by Time-Life Books,

inc. in the 1970s and 80s.  The books are 9 x 10, all running over well 100 pages each, nicely bound, and in excellent condition.

The 36 books are titled; The Home Workshop, Cleaning, Walls

and Ceilings, Paint and Wallpaper, Floors and Stairways, Doors and Windows, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Special Purpose Rooms, Built-ins, Adding On, Space and Storage, Home Security, Basic Wiring, Advanced Wiring, Advanced Woodworking, Masonry, Advanced Masonry, Fireplaces and Wood Stoves, Heating and Cooling, Energy Alternatives, Plumbing, Working with Metal, Working with Wood, Working with Plastics, Small Engines, Repairing Furniture, Repairing Appliances, New Living Spaces, Porches and Patios, Outdoor Structures, Roofs and Siding, Weatherproofing, Outdoor Recreation Areas, Landscaping,

Cabins and Cottages, and The Old House.  The set includes

a little pamphlet entitled “The Home Tool Kit”

As this series is somewhat of a collector’s

item now, we’d like to get at least $250 for it.  

No shipping included, unless buyer requests it, then S&H will be added to the price. Pick-up

from our Burbank office is another option.

Three related books are also included in the package; “Wood: Finishing and Refinishing” (revised edition) by

S.W. Gibbia, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company in 1971, 270 pages.  “Crockett’s Victory Garden”

by James Underwood Crockett, published by Little, Brown and Company in 1977, 326 pages with excellent

photos and illustrations. “The Dictionalry of Household Hints & Helps” by Kurt Singer and Ced Gordon,

published by Grosset and Dunlap in 1974, 414 pages, 4,000 things you can do and make around the house.

As this is a rather old well built desk, so, we’d like to get at least $250 for it.  No shipping included, pick-up from our Burbank office is really the only option, and it’s very heavy

so will need a good size truck and a couple of strong guys with a refrigerator dolly.

We think it’s made of oak, but not sure, it’s

some sort of heavy wood, and the extension

was probably intended to be for a typewriter, built before computers, but works just as well with computers.  It’s in good condition, but has

some scratches and other signs of a good long

life with several productive owners.

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Here are three file cabinets: 

   a tan 4-drawer,  52 high, 26.5 deep, 15 wide,

    a brown 2-drawer,  29 high, 28.5 deep, 15 wide,

    & a black 2-drawer,  29 high, 18 deep, 15 wide.

They’re all in fairly good condition, but have various signs of a good long life of service

at our production offices.

We’d like to get $50 for them.  No shipping is included,

pick-up from our Burbank office is really the only

option.The racks for hanging files are included,

but not the hanging files themselves.

This is an old early California rocking chair

that used to reside in the unique John Lautner designed mountain cabin of Steve and Audrey Bosustow, on Lake Almanor, in  northern California.  It’s seen some rough use by their

grand-children, but nothing that can’t be

repaired by any home handyman.

We’d like to get $400 for it because it needs

a little repair work.  No shipping is included,

pick-up from our Burbank office is the only

option. Hope it finds a good new home.

      “Built Like a Tank” Iron Film Rack
                                               Custom-cut wood shelving optional

    Three 35mm Canon Lenses, Extension Tubes, and Assessors
             (Perfect for the latest Black Magic Cinema Cameras)

            Over 300 Movie Brochures 
                and Promotional pieces

                This will be turned into an auction 
                that we will be putting up on eBay 
                shortly.  We’ll add a link here, as 
                soon as we get it.  And here’s a
                complete list of all the items.

    Large Kenneth Cole Reaction brand expandable suit case

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        Remember film?  We used to line up

        cans and reels of film on these sturdy

        racks, built to hold heavy 35mm and

        70mm movies.  They just don’t make

        ‘em like they used to.

The rack is 60” high, 26” wide, and 12” deep.

  The optional shelves are 24” long, 7” deep,  

     3/4” thick, and are rounded on the front.

We’d like to get $50 for it because it needs

a new paint job, but it’s sturdier than any

shelving available.  No shipping is included,

pick-up from our Burbank office is the only

option. Film may be dead for some, but this

could find a new home as a book shelf.

Make an Offer or
ask a

We’d like to get $400 for these lenses, they’re old,

but in excellent condition.  Shipping is not included,

so let’s include the cost of shipping in the bid.

Everything fits in the bag, which measures

9” x  9” x 8”, and weighs 5 pounds.

Here’s another item from our film days.  Our Canon camera was stollen, but they missed all our specialty Canon bayonet mounted lenses, including:

• Toyo Optics 1:45 f=80 to 205 zoom lens

• Elicar Automatic 1:28 f=100 wide angle

• Itorex Macrowider lens, no other info

• Vivitar Automatic Extension tubes

    12mm / 20 mm / 36 mm

• Vivitar Skylight filter 1A

• Tiffen 55mm Wrattan 85 filter

Camera manual, camera batteries,        

    shutter extension, cleaning kit,

    camera bag, shoulder strap.

Make an Offer or
ask a

We’d like to get at least $50

for this stylish and durable

piece of luggage. It’s a bit

big to ship, but, come pick

it up at our Burbank office.

This attractive and well-built piece of luggage is not only large, but expandable.  It measures 26” high, 20” wide, and 14” deep.  It’s sturdy zippers and thick structure will withstand any careless baggage handlers, yet it’s light-weight with plenty of extra pockets inside and out. 

All Three have now Sold
On Hold for a Possible 
Donation to a Film Archive
This item was donated to
Habitat for Humanity

        Avid Xpress DV Pro Editing System  (everything included)

Make an Offer or
ask a

The total dollar value of this editing system is somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000, brand new it was over $10,000.  But, we’re willing to let it go at much less. 

Make us an offer we can’t refuse.  Include the

cost of shipping in the bid, or pick it up

from our offices in Burbank.

    Pictured to the left:

• HP Workstation xw 8200

    Window XP, Intel, and extra

    internal storage makes it 750GB.

• 2 External Western Digital

    drives - WD1200B002

    120 GB each = 990 GB total

• Keyboard, Mouse, and a Mojo

• Official Avid mouse pad

• Dongle (not pictured)

• Sony SDM-S71 17” monitor

• Viewsonic VA720 17” monitor

    (not pictured)

Programs pictured to the right:

• Avid Xpress Pro manuals

    and disks

• Avid Xpress DV upgrade

    manuals and disks

• Adobe Professional Video

    Collection manuals & disks


    After EFX, Premier Pro,

    Photoshop, Encore DVD,

    and Audition.

            Heavy Duty Iron Industrial Racks, no nuts & bolts needed

The Rack is actually three racks side by side.

They’re all 81” tall, four upright brackets each,

    so, 12 upright brackets in all, with 22 support

    brackets for the top and bottom, both across

    the front and on the sides as well.

There are 24 Shelves, a total of 110” wide

        and a foot deep.  Two of the shelves

        have a smooth white surface for a nicer

        display surface.  Then, there are 38

        support brackets for front and back.

123 Albums: mostly 331/3 rpm.

34 Classical albums & rare Collections:

    Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Haydn, Dvorak,

Rimsky-Korsakoff, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn,  Grieg,

Liszt, Ravel, Debussy, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Mussorgsky, Mahler, Puccini, Vivaldi, Gershwin, and

Wagner, with Jascha Heifetz, Jehudi Menuhin,

Herbert von Karajan, Wilhelm Furtwangler,

Sir Thomas Beecham, and many others.

Click here 
to view a 
list of all 
123 RecordsList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0shapeimage_30_link_1shapeimage_30_link_2shapeimage_30_link_3shapeimage_30_link_4shapeimage_30_link_5

Make an Offer or
ask a

We’ve been told this collection should bring us between $1,000 to $2,000, maybe more. 

Vinyl records go for just a few dollars up to over $100, so we’re being very conservative.

Clasical Collection - $400

Popular Albums - $300

Miscelaneous - $200

All 3 - $500

We may put it up on ebay and let buyers decide.  But, if someone offers us a deal that

seems reasonable enough, it’ll save us a trip to ebay.  Be sure to include the cost

of shipping in the bid, or you can pick them up from our offices in Burbank.

All proceeds go to our the production

of the UPA feature documentary.

These Wings were originally purchased for a  television pilot called “The Artist in Me”, featuring Robin Riker, seen in the wings above, and Ed Asner.

The Wings displayed by

The Boing Heard Round the World’s Production Coordinator,

Gwendolyn Arreola.

Make an Offer or
ask a

The original purchase price was $180, But, we’re happy to get them to a good home at most any price. 

Make us an offer we can’t refuse.  Include the cost

of shipping in the bid, or pick them up from our offices in Burbank.

Donated to a Worthy Charity
All Three Racks Sold Together



Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s

Day concert,  conducted by

Herbert von Karajan, and

featuring Kathleen Battle

Deutche Grammophon Gesselschaft 9 record

box set collection of

Ludwig von Beethoven’s

9th Symphony. 

Herbert von Karajan

conducts the Berlin Philharmonic.

37 Popular Music Albums:

Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Holidays

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Big Brother and the Holding Company

Cheap Thrills, featuring Janis Joplin, The Beatle’s white album, Pata Pata,

Woodstock, featuring Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens,

Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Butterfield Blues Band, Country Joe

& the Fish, Sly & the Family Stone, etc, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, Kris Kdristofferson, Hoyt Axton, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Tennessee Earnie Ford, the Weavers, Percy Sledge, Dione Warwick, Lovin’ Spoonfull, the Animals,

the Turtles, Van Morrison, Ottis Redding, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, the

Moonglows, Fats Domino, James Brown, the Dixie Cups, Perry Como, Bill Hayley

& the Comets, the Isle Brothers, Mahalia Jackson, Miriam Makeba, Bing Crosby,

Pete Seeger, Odetta, Leadbelly, and more.

Click here 
to view a 
list of all 
123 RecordsList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlList_of_all_the_records.htmlshapeimage_38_link_0shapeimage_38_link_1shapeimage_38_link_2shapeimage_38_link_3shapeimage_38_link_4shapeimage_38_link_5

51 Miscellaneous albums: Movies, Kids, Sound Effects

                                             Chariots of Fire, The Missiion,

                                             The Untouchables, The Champ,

                                             Silverado, White Nights, Sweet

                                             Dreams, On Golden Pond, The

                                             Natural, Places in the Heart, Gigi,

                                             Charly, My Fair Lady, Ghostbstrs,

                                             The Producers, James Bond,

The Muppet Movie, King of Hearts, Julius Ceasar, television action themes, silent

movie themes, the Velveteen Rabbit, Raffi at the Corner Grocery Story, three albums

by Fred Penner, Janet and Judy, Junior Jug Band, Sousa marching favorites, Sound Effects Samplers, Science Fiction sound effects, Haloween sound effects, Jets sound effects, Sounds of the Sea, sounds from the historic Nautilus voyage, Stories for Children read by the Great Gildersleeve, Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf read by Basil Rathbone, with Leopold Stosowski conducting, and more.