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“Inside UPA” Collector’s Book are still available.

The original 50 signed books have been

sold.  However, there are still a number

of unsigned books left of this limited

edition (1,000) of rare photos, which

look into the artists at work at UPA

Pictures in the 40’s and 50’s.  These

numbered, and unsigned, editions are

being sold at $60 a piece, which includes

shipping anywhere in the world.

An additional idea was suggested, that

we now offer, only on this web site, a

“new signed version”,  signed by Tee Bosustow, the producer/director

of the Boing Heard Round the World, host of “Toon In! ... to the World

of Animation”, and a son of Steve Bosustow, who headed UPA from the early-40’s through the end of the 50’s.  This “new” signed version, also numbered, will sell for $75 a piece, and includes shipping anywhere in the world.  These new signed books will all come out of the limited 1,000 book printing.  When the thousandth book is sold, that’s it, no more to sell.


To purchase a numbered copy of this collector’s edition, either mail

a money order, or international money order (in US dollars,) made

out to Bosustow Media Group, and sent to:

           Bosustow Media Group

            730 North Whitnall Highway,  #216

            Burbank, CA 91505, Usa



Pay via PayPal, by clicking one of the appropriate gold “Buy Now” buttons directly below.  You can pay as a PayPal member, or with

your Credit card or Debit card.


(All proceeds go to the production of the feature

documentary The Boing Heard Round the World)

Your Name and unique number
printed just for you

                Program includes: 

                • A UPA Overview by UPA historian, Adam Abraham
                • Quotes from Adam Abraham & Tee Bosustow interviews
                • BG of UPA Panelists: Crippen, Foray, Kaplan, and Sigall
                • Highlights of UPA Tributes going back to 1978 Filmex
                    and more.

Buy your personalized copy
and support our mission.

Shipping worldwide is included

2010 UPA Tribute collectable programs

(limited 500 copies printed)

Program with no Signatures


Program with One Signature


(Tee Bosustow)

           Program with

       Three Signatures


(Tony Benedict, Mike Kazaleh, Floyd Norman)

Only one of each of the following

multiple signatures is available

More Coming Soon

Available Now

If you’d rather not use PayPal, send a money order made out to Bosustow Media Group, and mail it to ...

            730 n. Whitnall Hwy., #216

              Burbank, CA 91505, Usa

... and Contact us using the Contact button on the navigation bar at the top or bottom of the page, to let us know what you’re buying, so we can put it aside for you.

June Foray & Carl Bell, two former MP Academy Animation Branch heads, at the UPA Tribute. Carl is holding his collectable souvenir event program.

It measures 8.5” x 5.5”

Tribute photos by Jamie Kezlarian Bolio and Terry Wilson

Larry Loc signing a fan’s souvenir program.

           Program with

          Six Signatures


   (Jack Bosson, Fred Crippen, Erv Kaplan,

Mike Kazaleh, Bill Matthews, Martha Sigall)

              Program with

               8 Signatures


            (Adam Abraham, Jack Bosson,

      Fred Crippen, June Foray, Larry Loc,

Bill Matthews, Floyd Norman, Martha Sigall)

              Program with

              11 Signatures


(Adam Abraham, Carl Bell, Jack Bosson,

  Fred Crippen, June Foray, Erv Kaplan,

Mike Kazaleh, Larry Loc, Bill Matthews,

  Floyd Norman, Martha Sigall)

Tony Best,

Ucla Film Archives, gets June Foray’s autograph.

DVD with June Foray and Eric Goldberg,  

“So, You Want to

Be a Voice Talent”

DVDs of other animation luminaries from our 160+ Toon in to the World of Animation podcast.

A Gerald McBoing Boing cel, donated by Van Eaton Galleries.  Just need to get it signed first.

Dvd of the 2010 UPA Tribute event, including panel and some of films.




      2nd Auction sold on 19 July, 9pm



       How they Bid for Cel:

     First Bid: Click the Blue button to email us; your name, 
        your bid, your email and/or phone, and a nickname, 
        in case you’d rather not use your real name to enter 
        on the “bidding sheet”.

    Other Bids: Click the Green button for any other bids 
        you make, and just email us just your name or  nickname 
        and your new bid.

            We posted bids as we get them.

Starting Bid had to begin at $25 or more,
to cover our expenses.  
                                            Winning Bid
                          Allard        $75.00    8 July     5:42:31 am
Fred Crippen’s 
UPA Santa


Fred Crippen

signing his

poster at

the May 22

UPA Tribute



  Behind Crippen Poster:
  Designed by Karen Reynoso from the original UPA Xmas 
  card, designed by Fred Crippen.  When Crippen saw it 
  unveiled at the May 22 Upa Tribute he was blown away, 
  saying it was better than the original he’s saved since it 
  first went out as a UPA holiday greeting in the late 1950s.  
  This poster is a one-of-a-kind, produced for the UPA 
  Tribute, and signed by Fred Crippen at the reception.
  In other words, it’s an original.

             “Ragtime Bear” cel Auction
Sold:  Monday, 31 May, 9pm



       How they Bid for Cel:

     First Bid: Click the Blue button to email us; your name, 
        your bid, your email and/or phone, and a nickname, 
        in case you’d rather not use your real name to enter 
        on the “bidding sheet”.

    Other Bids: Click the Green button for any other bids 
        you make, and just email us just your name or  nickname 
        and your new bid.
                       This was the Bidding Sheet: 

                      Schnecko    $50.00    22 May     9:00:00 pm
                      Light            $75.00    25 May     7:19:19 pm
                          Seminara   $100.00    26 May     3:17:10 pm
                          Waldo        $125.00    27 May   10:24:00 am
                          Seminara   $135.00    27 May   11:49:48 pm
                          Pansy        $150.00    28 May     2:56:12 pm
                          Seminara   $175.00    28 May     6:06:46 pm
                          Waldo        $200.00    29 May     9:40:00 am
                          Seminara   $225.00    30 May     1:33:07 pm
                          Pansy        $250.00    30 May     2:58:00 pm
                          Seminara   $265.00    30 May     4:07:45 pm
                          Waldo        $300.00    31 May   12:52:00 am
                          Seminara   $310.00    31 May     2:19:48 pm

 “Ragtime Bear” was 
   the first Mr. Magoo 
   cartoon, directed by 
   John Hubley and 
   co-created & written 
   by Millard Kaufman.

Ragtime Bear cel was generously donated by the Van Eaton Galleries



     Now up for Sale
     a Deitch Combo

     The Deitch Combo: 
 A personalized and numbered 
 UPA Tribute Program, signed 
 by Gene Deitch, plus a DVD 
 of his contributions to the event. 

  1. The Collector’s Personalized     
    UPA Tribute souvenir program ...

  plus, this program will also include 
           Gene Deitch’s signature

  2. Then, part two of the Combo
    is a DVD of Gene Deitch’s part
   of the May UPA Tribute program:
Gene Deitch
mélange, potpourri, 
collection, hodgepodge

  Gene “talks” to the UPA Tribute

audience from his studio in Prague

Your Name and unique

number printed just for you

His videotaped “talk”

from his Prague studio

“Howdy Doody

& His Magic Hat”

a scene from

“Pump Trouble”

Piel’s Brother’s

beer commercial

We only have 3 Combos to sell

Everything exactly as it was seen in May at the UPA Tribute, all on one DVD, plus a UPA personalized

and autographed souvenir program.

Besides Gene’s signature, you can also have Tee Bosustow’s, the Festival Director, if you wish, no extra charge.

We only have 3 Combos to sell

and three of his UPA directorial assaignments ...

$125 for 
one of three Deitch Combos

One per person, please

Click the gold Buy Now button.

Then, replace the default yahoo

email address with your own email

address and password.

Price includes shipping anywhere in the world.

  Click this panel if 
  you wish to have 
  the Tee Bosustow  
  sign your poster,
  or have a Question 
  for us.mailto:animazspot@me.com?subject=Fest%20Dir%20sign,%20or%20question,%20about%20Deitch%20Combo

If you’d rather order by mail,

send a check or money order,

made out to Bosustow Media Group,

and send it to:

Bosustow Media Group

730 n. Whitnall Hwy. #216

Burbank, CA 91505, USA

Coming Soon:                                            

Dvd of the 2006 UPA Tribute event at the Egyptian Theater.

$25, plus Shipping & Handling

($10 for US, $20 Abroad)

for Pick Up                                      

in Burbank, CA 



within the US


outside the US

        First T-Shirt for UPA Fans

                                        all profits go to

                                        our documentary


What Size?mailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=2010%20t-shirt%20sizemailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=2010%20t-shirt%20sizeshapeimage_22_link_0

June Foray, legendary voice talent of Rocky, Natasha, Granny and

Witch Hazle, and Tee Bosustow, UPA Doc

Director, pose with their new UPA T-shirts.

      “Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol”
                The Making of the First Animated Christmas Special
           Autographed by its author, Darrell Van Citters
      We have 10 copies left, as of December 2012
                                $50 shipped within the US
                                      $65 shipped world-wide

              Chocked full of behind-the-scenes photos and art work

                Lee Mishkin                                   model sheet                                        Jim Backus

                                                                    like a true artist, Van Citters has signed inconspicuously 
                                                                    on the inside cover, just above his name, can you see it?

Or, if you’d prefer, mail your check, made out to Bosustow Media Group to:
Bosustow Media Group, 730 N. Whitnall Highway, #216, Burbank, CA 91505, usa
but, be sure to let us know it’s on its way, so we don’t sell your book.

                           We have many more autographed books on the Animation Sales page,
                                                 as well as other animation related collectables.

all proceeds go to the production of

The Boing Heard Round the World

a UPA documentary feature.



All shipments will include

a special Mister Magoo

Christmas Carol

book marker.

All Posters designed by Karen Reynoso

UPA-2  Fred Crippen, panelist

UPA-3  Martha Sigall, panelist

UPA-1  Main UPA Tribute Poster

UPA-5  Joe Siracusa, panelist

UPA-7  Gene Deitch, hello from Prague

UPA-4  Erv Kaplan, panelist













Posters from the

2010 UPA Tribute

at Woodbury University

Burbank, California

9  UPA Related items available on this page

Autographed When Magoo Flew books

2012 I  ❤ UPA T-Shirts

2010 UPA Tribute Posters

Inside UPA Numbered Collector’s Books

Gene Deitch DVD Combo Collectables

Autographed copies of UPA Tribute Programs

Autographed copes of Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol book

Stephen Bosustow Leather Chair & Steamer Trunk

Three Reel to Reel 1/4” Audio Record Decks

more to come

All proceeds go to our the production of the UPA feature documentary,

unless another part of the Project is selected.

How to Order Posters

20” x 30” hi rez quality posters, on heavy 100 lb glossy stock paper

All prices include shipping in mailing tubes anywhere in the world.

Use the number preceding the title of the poster to indicate which poster(s) you are ordering.

                                    Prices:  One Poster $35 ($35.00 per poster)

                                                  Two Posters $65 ($32.50 per poster)

                                               Three Posters $90 ($30.00 per poster)

                                               Four Posters $110 ($27.50 per poster)

                                                Five Posters $125 ($25.00 per poster)

                                                  Six Posters $135 ($22.50 per poster)

Add $15 per order for Tee Bosustow’s autograph,

the UPA documentary producer/director and

the Creator of the 2010 UPA Tribute

Add $25 for a poster of Erv Kaplan

autographed by Erv Kaplan (only one left)


Maximum Order: Six Posters per order


Order by Mail send your selection of posters, with your address and email,

and Money Order made out to “Bosustow Media Group” to:

Bosustow Media Group

730 N. Whitnall, #216

Burbank, California 91505, Usa

Click this Panel for any questions 
about ordering UPA Tribute Postersmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Poster%20Questionshapeimage_29_link_0shapeimage_29_link_1shapeimage_29_link_2

Steve Bosustow’s Round the World Steamer Trunk

                                In the late 1970s Bosustow and June Foray and a small

                                group of ASIFA-Hollywood members traveled around the

                                world, visiting international animation leaders and ending

                                up in China to meet Chinese animators.  This Steamer

                                Trunk was purchased in Kathmandu, Nepal, to ship home

                                items he purchased earlier in Europe, Egypt, the MIddle

                                East and India.

Bosustow & Foray during their trip.

Down payment has been made to hold this item.
Not for sale until further notice.

Three Identical Ampex Reel to Reel 1/4” Audio Recording Decks

Used at UPA by Steve Bosustow, one of its founders, who then ran UPA

during the 1940s and 50s.  The decks were used at the UPA studio

as well as in Bosustow’s office/production room at home.

Working order is not guaranteed, in fact, our guess is

that the chances of them working is not good, but what

may be possible is using various parts from each deck

to assemble one working deck.  Bosustow continued to

use at least one of them into the 1970s. 

We’d like to get $250 for the three of them, as they’re a

part of UPA history, and a perfect way to donate to our

UPA documentary.  They need to be picked up from

our production office in Burbank.  We’ll accept the

best offer, whether higher or lower.

Make an Offer or
ask a Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%203%20Decksmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%203%20Decksmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%203%20Decksmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%203%20Decksshapeimage_31_link_0shapeimage_31_link_1shapeimage_31_link_2

Some of the items on this page require the buyer to make an offer, once the price has been agreed upon, the buyer can return to

this page & use the button

below to send their fee.







                        To View general Animation-Related Items for Sale, click “Anim Sales”, for

                         Items we’re clearing out of our Production Office, click “Spring Cleaning”


This copy of a 1934 Flip Book is available only for those signing up for one of the VIP programs.  We have 16 to sell.  They are struck from an original negative of a flip book made by Steve Bosustow as a Christmas gift, when he was working as an assistant animator at Ub Iwerks.


These three cards are available only to participants in one of the VIP events.  They were discovered during our move to Burbank, early business cards of UPA co-founder, Steve Bosustow.  We have six to sell of the earliest Industrial Film and Poster Service card,

and eight each of the Industrial Films and United Productions of America card.

All are originals, sell for $100 each, buy as many as you like, while they last.

This Industrial Film and Poster Service business card is so early that it uses Bosustow’s home address.

Your gift(s) will be waiting for you on the day of your first event.

This card gets us to their first studio in what’s often referred to as the Otto K. Olesen building, which began as a little painting retreat for co-founders Dave Hilberman and Zack Scwartz.

And, finally, the UPA company name, but prior to the familiar Alvin Lustig ovals.  This card features his first logo design which is also quite nice.

      and more to organize soon
   Credit Card
 or Debit Card
   Credit Card
 or Debit Card
   Credit Card
 or Debit Card

For description of Official

2006 UPA Tribute Souvenir Program see panel above.

About 200 available.

For description of 1990 Stoneware Bosustow Video

Coffee Mug see panel above.

About 100 available.

Steve Bosustow’s Danish Leather Chair

                                Steve Bosustow was plagued by lower back pain from his

                                early days at Disney Animation through the 40s and early 50s

                                at UPA Pictures.  In the late 50s he discovered this shapely

                                leather chair, pictured on the left, which finally gave him

                                some support, with a firm leather back that followed the

                                curvature of his own back, and gave support specifically to

                                the lower back.  The long piece of leather is held in place by

                                solid curved strips of polished wood.  The arm rests are also

                                made of wood, each side is just two pieces of wood, one for

                                the legs and one for the arm rests, designed to accent the

                                design of the curved leather and wood strips.

                                The Chair is not in perfect condition, far from it, but it’s in

                                fair condition and easily repairable, when needed.  We’d like

                                to get $250 for this chair, as it was over a $1,000 new, and

                                it’s another way to donate to our UPA documentary.  It needs

                                to be picked up from our production office in Burbank. 

Make us an offer we can’t refuse.

Make an Offer or
ask a Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%20Leather%20Chairmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%20Leather%20Chairmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%20Leather%20Chairmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Interest%20in%20Leather%20Chairshapeimage_40_link_0shapeimage_40_link_1shapeimage_40_link_2

The ultimate history of UPA

                                                                  a dozen autographed copies of

                                            When Magoo Flew

                                              The Rise and Fall of Animation Studio UPA

                                                                     by Adam Abraham

                                                                     It’s the ultimate history of UPA

All books are autographed by

the author, Adam Abraham.

They can also be ordered with

an additional autograph

by Tee Bosustow

What do Franklin Roosevelt, Dr. Seuss, the U.S. Navy, and Mr. Magoo have in common? They are all part of the surprising story of the pioneering cartoon studio UPA (United Productions of America). Throughout the 1950s, a group of artists ran a business that broke all the rules, pushing animated films beyond the fluffy fantasy of the Walt Disney Studio and the crash-bang anarchy of Warner Bros. Instead, UPA's films were innovative and graphically bold--the cartoon equivalent to modern art. When Magoo Flew is the first book-length study to chronicle the complete story of this unique American enterprise. The book features cameo appearances by Aldous Huxley, James Thurber, Orson Welles, Judy Garland, Robert Goulet, Jim Backus, Eddie Albert, and Woody Allen, as well as a select filmography of the best of UPA.

Adam Abraham is the tireless author, who turned up stories about UPA that few people had ever heard.  Because of that, and his attention to every detail, his book is both thorough and fascinating. Here’s what Amazon.com has to say about it:

Tee Bosustow is the Producer/Director of the upcoming

UPA documentary feature, and was a major help on this

important UPA book.  Adam Abraham gave Bosustow a

major Acknowledgement of thanks:

All Proceeds go to the production of  the UPA documentary feature, “The Boing Heard Round the World”

Price is $65

with Adam Abraham’s signature

Price is $75

with both of the signatures

Both Prices include Shipping anywhere

in the World

On Hold for a Possible 
Donation to a Film Archive

Since this original drawing by Fred Crippen, and other original drawings on a large Magoo poster, are being auction off this month, we’ve created an entire page for it, click the Crippen drawing to learn more.