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    At our 2015 Road Trip 
    booth introduced a
    number of new items, 
    such as our very first 
        “Trading Cards”, 
    beginning with these 
    two, Bobe Cannon 
    and Jules Engel.

    Plus, the first five Production Stills from the 
    Gerald Hop scene, featuring Bobe Cannon
    and Jules Engel, were shown for the first 
    time at the 2015 Animation Road Trip.

The very first shot in the Gerald Hop scene, is this pan down a section of Hollywood Hills, from the Hollywood Sign, to Hollywood Boulevard, created in a UPA style, with a color palette taken directly from the Oscar winning “Gerald McBoing Boing” short.

This scene is told by Jules Engel, about how he had lunch with Bobe Cannon at the famous Musso and Frank Grill, and then as they walked along the side walk, Bobe came up with the

little hop\walk that Gerald does on his way to and from school.

This next shot introduces a clip

from our interview with Jules Engel, imbedded in a delivery truck.  Jules

is telling an interesting behind-the-scenes story about how Gerald McBoing Boing’s hop was created.  One of our talented graphic designers, Andrea Rosales, is designing all the backgrounds and layouts for the Gerald Hop scene.

In the third shot of this Gerald Hop scene, Bobe and Jules emerge onto Hollywood Blvd., after having lunch at Musso & Frank, to take what will end up being a very creative walk.

Bobe and Jules seem happy and carefree after lunching at Musso & Frank, but around this corner lurks a little trouble, but, it turns out to help Bobe come up with the Gerald Hop.  

We’re not going to show it

to you now, so you’ll have a

few surprises left when the documentary is released.

This is the last shot before Bobe, doing his little hop, morphs into Gerald doing his little hop in the actual scene from “Gerald McBoing Boing”. 

You can see Jules in this shot

in front of the old Grauman’s Chinese theater, racing up to Bobe with a huge paint brush, which he will use for the transition between our

Bobe, and UPAs Gerald.

On the Road with

The Boing Heard Round the World

Saturday/Sunday, April 11/12, 2015

This was our second year at the Animation Road Trip event in Downtown Burbank.

It’s the animation portion of the Burbank Arts Festival on San Fernando Road, between Olive and Angelino.  See the home page for some photos taken at

this year’s event.  Below are some of the new materials that were shown

for the first time at our booth this year.  They helped make it an even

more successful booth than last year, attracting more new talent.


“Magoo at the Alex”

is announced on the

Alex theatre marquee

to all  the passersby on

Brand Blvd, in downtown Glendale.  The program was a unique screening of all 15 UPA Oscar nominees, plus

a panel discussion with

Tom Sito, Bob Kurtz,

and Fred Crippen.

This large poster

that we are putting

up for auction greeted audience members as they entered the grand lobby of the Alex theatre.  The image of Mr. Magoo declaring “I UPA” has been used  for several events that followed.

This photo was taken

prior to autographs.

The Magoo Stand-Up Poster Gets Autographed

The Magoo at the Alex event was part of the week-long AniMazSpot 2012 animation shorts festival, which included awards for animated shorts, programs of animation

tributes, and special tours of major animation studios in the Los Angeles area.

AniMazSpot 2012 festival organizers, Leslie Ezeh and Alexis Williams stand

next to the as yet autographed poster, above on the left, to give you a

sense of its size.  Both women are a few inches below six feet.

     Then, animators began                                                  to sign the poster and add

       their unique cartoons,                                                  some shared the top half

        with Magoo, but most                                                   like Bob Kurtz, seen here

       in deep concentration                                                   over his creation, chose

          the bottom half, with                                                  the list of studios and

           schools that festival                                                  goers toured that year. 

  Close ups of some of the                                                  autographs and original

       cartoon creations are                                                  shown directly below.

All, of course, are original drawings.

the titles are our invention and not 

  part of the poster.

Cat & Mouse

by Bob Kurtz

AniMazSpot Wrap

by Dave Brain

Wild & Crazy Guy

by Fred Crippen

No cartoon, just love from the first lady of animation, June Foray

Mark Kausler’s original creation, Itza Kat

The Magoo Stand-Up Poster Auction

Only the top half of the poster is shown here.

For those of you who’d like to bid on this unique poster the rules are pretty simple.

• All proceeds go to the production of the documentary

        feature, The Boing Heard Round the World.

• The actual poster will be on display at our booth in the

        Road Trip event in downtown Burbank.

• Bids will be accepted here and at our Road Trip booth.

        The winning bidder will need to pick up the poster,

        either personally, or by an assigned representative.

        Shipping is not included.

• Opening bid must be $50 or more.  Bidding on this site

        ends on Saturday, April 19 at midnight. Bids at the

        booth will continue until Sunday, April 20 at 3pm.

        Bidders on this site are welcome to come to the

        booth to continue their bidding, or just to view

        the actual stand-up poster.

• To place a bid just click the button below, give us your

        name, or an invented “bidder name” that you’d like

        to go by, plus the amount of your bid, and an email

        address where we can contact you should you win.

  1. We will place your name, or bidder name, on the List

        of Bidders, on the left, along with your bid amount

        and the time and date.  Each successive bid must

        be at least $5.00 more than the preceding bid.

  1. On Sunday morning, April 20, we will announce the last

        bid to arrive on the site prior to midnight.  We will

        use the time that is listed on our incoming emails. 

• If no one at the booth bids more on Sunday by 3pm   

        the winner on the site becomes the final winner,

        and must make arrangements to pay for and pick

        up the poster on or before Sunday, April 27. 

• We can only accept cash, and if the winner doesn’t

        pay and pick up the poster in time, the second

        ranking bidder will become the default winner.

  1. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to use the

        button below to contact us.  Thank you for your

        interest, the UPA Documentary Team

    Click here if you have any 
         questions, or want to 
                   place a bidmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Magoo%20Stand-Up%20Auctionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Magoo%20Stand-Up%20Auctionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Magoo%20Stand-Up%20Auctionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Magoo%20Stand-Up%20Auctionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Magoo%20Stand-Up%20Auctionshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2shapeimage_8_link_3

A Night to Remember for UPA Fans

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