A successful Kickstarter campaign for “The

                                                                                               Boing Heard Round the World”, the feature

                                                                                               documentary on UPA, about the little studio

                                                                                               that changed the course of modern animation,

                                                                                               kick started us again after a decade of neglect.             

                                                                                               We have since brought on a myriad of talented

                                                                                               crew members from all over the world. If any

                                                                                               of you are interested in joining us as writers,

                                                                                               designers, animators, researchers, etc., we

                                                                                               can always use additional help.  Just click the

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Searching, Restoring, and Sharing, lost UPA films and materials, as well as, producing a documentary feature, “The Boing Heard Round the World”, on the studio of the 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.  Let us know what your interest in UPA Pictures is.

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   Classic Media owns the UPA TV
   programs that began in the late    
   1950s with the “Gerald McBoing
   Boing Show” on CBS, and then
   continuing on into the 1960s, with 
   the latest being a show of the same 
   name for Cartoon Network in the 
   early 2000s.
   Classic Media also owns the rights 
   to all the UPA characters.

   (if you want UPA television shows
    or want to use one of the UPA
    characters, click this panel for
    the Classic Media site)http://classicmedia.tv/

                               Sony Pictures
                               owns the UPA
                               theatricals that 
                               Columbia had
                               from 1948 thru
                               1959, which
    includes roughly one hundred
    shorts, plus the “1001 Arabian
    Nights” feature, with Mr. Magoo.
    The theatricals are basically split
    in two categories, all the Magoos
    and then the non-Magoo, which 
    were released under the Jolly
    Frolics banner, which was later
    dropped, but the name has stuck
    for all the non-Magoo theatricals.

    Click this panel for Sony Pictures.http://sonypictures.com/
   Since 1978, recording animation luminaries 
   for the benefit of future generations.  
   The site has 44 of the 160+ interviews 
   conducted so far, and we have now  
   started up on our next round of interviews.  Thanks for listening.http://www.tooninanimation.net

6,626 visitors came here in approximately one year between

9 Mar. 2010 and 26 Feb. 2011.

Original site went up on

18 February 2005, but we had no counter up in those days.

The two most frequently asked questions for us are ...

1. Where can I get copies of the UPA Theatricals?       

        Answer: Shout Factory

   has come out with a DVD set

       of the Jolly Frolics shorts.


     in the Spring of 2014 TCM

     will be coming out with the

    Magoo theatricals, including

           the Magoo feature.


2. Where can I get copies of the UPA TV shows and/or How can I get the rights to UPA characters?


         Answer: Classic Media

  Although Classic Media has

sold their library to DreamWorks

   however, they’re still involved.

But, if you want to find out more about lost UPA films, rare archives, and the progress of the feature documentary, you in the right place.  Have fun just navigating around our pages.  We plan to start conducting more interviews, raising funds to license film clips, and promoting UPAs legacy whenever and wherever possible, next stop Buenos

   Aires, Argentina, in April 2014.

Our apologies to David Dubrino, the designer of the original upapix site. However, we do hope to return to a closer version   

of David’s original creation.

This new counter began on

26 February 2011

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a member of the UPA Doc Production Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=UPA%20Doc%20Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=UPA%20Doc%20Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=UPA%20Doc%20Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=UPA%20Doc%20Teamshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2

The Boing Heard Round the World

    The definitive T-Shirt for UPA 
    fans of all sizes, is now available, 
    modeled here by the legendary 
    June Foray, and the not so 
    legendary Tee Bosustow.

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the Navigation Bar Buttons

The “eye” from Tell Tale Heart gets you to a brief history of UPA by Adam Abraham, author of the definitive history of UPA, When Magoo Flew, plus a “UPA Gallery of Memories” illustrated by some of the memorabilia in our collection.

The twelfth little girl in Madeline takes you way up hight to one of the most complete filmographies of UPA, from its 1940s industrials, through the 1950s glory years of the Columbia theatricals and

Oscars, to the feature and commercials and television series and specials.

Little Gerald belted out the Boing heard round the world in one of the most acclaimed animated

short in history.  This page lists just a small number of UPA’s awards.  As soon as we have

some time we will start researching more of UPA’s awards.

If you go to the Production Company page it lists the crew that is starting to form for the UPA

documentary.  Then more about Bosustow Media Group is below, with some images of the

early documentary production period, which began earnest in 2003.

Johnny fleas Frankie in this image from Rooty Toot Toot, which gets you to the complete

history of our UPA presentations and Tributes going back to 1978 at Filmex in Los Angeles,

right up to the AniFilm festival in Czech Republic followed by interviews in Europe.

James Thurber’s beleaguered little man offers a lily to the Unicorn in the Garden, but this page

offers the visitor nothing at the moment.  But, we will soon be moving our Toon in to the World

of Animation archive of 160+ interviews to this UPA site.

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Similar to Hell Bent for Election, which asked US citizens to support FDR in 1944 with a single vote, this Support button offers Seven Ways to support our documentary project.

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You can contact any of our documentary crew members

here, via email or snail mail.

Note: Since we put up this site the Classic Media library has been sold, first to a London media company, and more recently to an LA based company.  Once we have the time

to substantiate the new owners we

will add it to our site.

Visit our new page featuring the people who are working

to creat this


Doc Film

The UPA tribute at the BAFICI Film Festival, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from April 4 to 13, was a grand success, presenting a bigger and better UPA presentation than anyone we’re aware of since New York City’s Museum of Modern Art honored UPA in 1951, in fact, the first time MoMA had featured the art of any animation studio before.

BAFICI had four film programs of UPA theatricals, three shorts programs, the first feature, 1001 Arabian Nights, a Round Table discussion, and a major exhibit of rare UPA archival materials.  All in all, three feature articles were published in Argentine newspapers.

Click this panel to visit the Update page for more information on the BAFICI Tribute to UPAUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1

The Boing Heard Round the World

brings in more crew members at CTN’s Road Trip this year

April 11 & 12, 2015

Crew member, Gwendolyn Arreola has created a face book for our documentary feature.  Visit us, Like us, Tell your Friends.https://m.facebook.com/TheUpaLegacyProjecthttps://m.facebook.com/TheUpaLegacyProjecthttps://m.facebook.com/TheUpaLegacyProjecthttps://m.facebook.com/TheUpaLegacyProjectshapeimage_19_link_0shapeimage_19_link_1shapeimage_19_link_2

Click image for new collector’s item                                             to help support the documentary production.

Early Saturday morning crew members start setting up

Our side of San Fernando Road’s Animation Road Trip

                                                    The purpose of the booth this year was to bring in more crew 
                                                    members, and we did just that, signing in over 60 potential new 
                                                    talents in every area of expertise, to allow us to form several 
                                                    units, to produce the 30 to 40 scenes that will make up the 90 
                                                    minute documentary.  To see some of the materials we used to 
                                                    attract visitor to our booth, just click either of the image above.
Jordan Bickelmann, Rosie Albright, and Gwendolyn Arreola are first to arrive to set up the booth.  
Terry Willson was there too, he took the photo
Terry Willson brings in a passing visitor

Gwedolyn listens to interested visitor

Tee Bosustow uses one of the Production stills to illustrate our unique production process.

   Youngster tosses bean bag into one

  of the holes in our Boing Toss game, then gets winning picture in his Hole.

Jordan takes a break from pitching visitors

Lara Helena Terstenjak, the CTN ombudsperson, visits our booth

Anson signs in
Rosie brings in a couple more sign-ins

Bob Kurtz stops by our booth.  Gwen shows him Fenway Fan’s design of him for our documentary.

He flips out, loves it, says he.

Due to popular demand, and a generous donation, we are now building a brand new website, 
that will combine the 50s graphic style of UPA, and state-of-the-art web technology.  It is now ...


... and we’re hoping it will be “live” by mid August.  Also, in mid August we will have a large booth 
at Siggraph, across the isle from Pixar.  Siggraph is in Los Angeles this year at the LA Convention Center.  In fact, lots is happening now.  We are over half way through transcribing our key interviews, we have our first draft of the script, using comments by our interviewees, 
and we’ve begun a complete production chart, so we can track each of our crew
members who works on each scene credit in our site and Companion book.

    Many thanks to this year’s booth committee; Gwendolyn Arreola, 
    Andrea Rosales, Rosie Albright, G. Allen Black, Terry Wilson, 
    Tee Bosustow, Fenway Fan, and Jordan Bickelmann.