Complete Filmography










This is, as far as we can determine, the most complete UPA filmography in existence.  However, we continue to discover lost films, so this may not be completely complete.

        This list has been organized by the official UPA biographer, Adam Abraham,

        and is broken down into five categories:

                                            1. Early “Pre-Columbian” Works

                                            2. Theatrical Shorts (for Columbia Pictures)

                                            3. Feature Films

                                            4. Commercials, Industrials, Educational

                                            5. Television

1. Early “Pre-Columbian” Works

"Brotherhood of Man" 1945

Before 1946, UPA was known as Industrial Film and Poster Service, Industrial Films,

and United Film Productions. The following is a list of projects that precede UPA's

deal with Columbia Pictures in 1948.

"Sparks and Chips Get the Blitz" (filmstrip) (1943)
Produced for Consolidated Shipyards, Long Beach, California.

"Hell-Bent for Election" (1944)
Produced for the United Auto Workers.

"Brotherhood of Man" (1945)
Produced for the United Auto Workers.

"Alle Menschen Sind Bruder" (German version of "Brotherhood of Man")
Produced for War Department-Civil Affairs Division.

"Rover Boys"
"Inside Morgan's Head"
"Ground Operation of Jet Aircraft"
"Collisions during Simulated Combat"
"Bailing Out"
"Flat Hatting" (1944)
"Join-Up Collisions"
"Idling Mixture Check"
"Collisions with the Earth"
"Taxiing Accidents"
"After the Cut"
"Landing Accidents"
"Emergency Landings"
"Marginal Weather Accidents" (1947)
"Indestructible Smith"
Produced for the United States Navy
        (Flight Safety Division).

"The Sailor and the Seagull"
"In Your Power"
Produced for the United States Navy
        (Bureau of Naval Personnel).

"Hold It Mac"
Produced for the United States Navy
        (Insurance Division).

"Swab Your Choppers"
Produced for the United States Navy
        (Bureau of Medicine and Surgery).

"A Few Quick Facts about Inflation" (1944)
"Lend Lease" (1944)
"A Few Quick Facts about Fear" (1945)
Produced for the United States Army.

"Ballistics" [inserts for training films]
Produced for the United States Army Signal Corps.

"Northwest U.S.A." [inserts and titles]
"Screen Magazine" [inserts and titles]
"Fortress of Freedom" [inserts and titles]
"San Francisco Peace Conference" [inserts and titles]
"Tuesday in November" [inserts and titles]
Produced for OWI-Overseas Branch.

"The Lord's Way" [insert]
Produced for the Mormon Church.

"Tom, Dick and Mary" [sound slide film]
Produced for General Electric Co.

"Sad Sack" [educational/advertising film]
Produced for the Veterans Administration.

"Sales Training" [live-action and animated training film]
Produced for Hancock Oil Co. (Ruthrauff & Ryan).

"Southern Select Beer" [live-action and animated TV commercials]
Produced for Galveston-Houston Breweries (Rauthrauff & Ryan).

"It's Up to Us" [live-action training film]
Produced for Community Chest, Los Angeles.

"Expanding World Relationships"
"Public Opinion Polls" (1947)
"How a Bill Goes through Congress"
Produced for the U.S. State Department.

"Understanding Ourselves"
[animated insert in sex-education film Human Growth] (1947)
Produced for the University of Oregon (Eddie Albert Productions).

"Pontiac Service" [6 TV and theatrical commercials]
Produced for Pontiac Motor Co. (Transfilm, Inc.)

"Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" [sound slide film]
Produced for Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation.

"Design for Arc Welding" [inserts]
Produced for Lincoln Electric Co.

"Glass" [inserts for training film]
Produced for Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

"Cherry Rivet Application" [sales film]
Produced for Cherry Rivet Co. (Dana Jones Co.)

"Man in the Cage" [sound slide film]
Produced for Fair Employment Practice Films.

"Manufacturing of Crystals" [live-action]
Produced for Higgins Boat Works Radio Division.

"Consumption of Food" [inserts]
"Production of Food" [inserts]
"Distribution of Food" [inserts]
Produced for Encyclopedia Britannica Films.

"Bill Board" [live-action and animated TV commercial]
"Sludge Bound" [live-action and animated TV commercial]
"Minute Man Magic" [live-action and animated TV commercial]
"Hoodlums under the Hood" [live-action and animated TV commercial]
Produced for Union Oil Co. (Foote, Cone & Belding).

"The Wonderful Ears of Johnny McGoggin" [inserts]
Produced for James L. Free Productions.

"Weed No More" [inserts]
"Pestroy" [inserts]
Produced for Jerry Fairbanks (Sherwin-Williams).

"Safety at Play" [filmstrip]
"Wholesome Living" [filmstrip]
"Democratic Living [filmstrip]
Produced for use in primary schools.

"Douglas Aircraft" [inserts]
"Malleable Iron" [inserts]
Produced for Roland Reed Productions.

"Open Door to Sales" [3 sound slide training films]
Produced for Forest Lawn Insurance Co.

"Hell Bent for Election" 1944

"Flat Hatting" 1944

"Brotherhood of Man" 1945

3. Feature Films

2. Theatrical Shorts

the Fox and Crow in "Robin Hoodlum" 1949

The following is a list of UPA-produced theatrical shorts, which were released

by Columbia Pictures between 1948 and 1959.

                            Each is listed in the following manner:

                "Title" [SERIES NAME, IF ANY] Original Release Date

           Films of 1948

"Robin Hoodlum" [FOX AND CROW] 12/23/48

           Films of 1949

"The Magic Fluke" [FOX AND CROW] 3/27/49

"The Ragtime Bear" [JOLLY FROLICS] 9/8/49
    Starring Mr. Magoo.

            Films of 1950

"Punchy de Leon" [JOLLY FROLICS] 1/12/50
    Starring Fox and Crow.

"Spellbound Hound" [MR. MAGOO] 3/16/50

"The Miner's Daughter" [JOLLY FROLICS] 5/25/50

"Giddyap" [JOLLY FROLICS] 7/27/50

"Trouble Indemnity" [MR. MAGOO] 9/14/50

"The Popcorn Story" [JOLLY FROLICS] 11/30/50

"Bungled Bungalow" [MR. MAGOO] 12/28/50

           Films of 1951

"Gerald McBoing Boing" [JOLLY FROLICS] 1/25/51

"The Family Circus" [JOLLY FROLICS] 1/25/51

"Barefaced Flatfoot" [MR. MAGOO] 4/26/51

"Georgie and the Dragon" [JOLLY FROLICS] 9/27/51

"Fuddy Duddy Buddy" [MR. MAGOO] 10/18/51

"Wonder Gloves" [JOLLY FROLICS] 11/29/51

"Grizzly Golfer" [MR. MAGOO] 12/20/51

           Films of 1952

"The Oompahs" [JOLLY FROLICS] 1/24/52

"Sloppy Jalopy" [MR. MAGOO] 2/21/52

"Rooty Toot Toot" [JOLLY FROLICS] 3/27/52

"Dog Snatcher" [MR. MAGOO] 5/29/52

"Willie the Kid" [JOLLY FROLICS] 6/26/52

"Pink and Blue Blues" [MR. MAGOO] 8/28/52

"Pete Hothead" [JOLLY FROLICS] 9/25/52

"Hotsy Footsy" [MR. MAGOO] 10/23/52

"Madeline" [JOLLY FROLICS] 11/27/52

"Captains Outrageous" [MR. MAGOO] 12/25/52

           Films of 1953

"Little Boy with a Big Horn" [JOLLY FROLICS] 3/26/53

"The Emperor's New Clothes" [JOLLY FROLICS] 4/30/53

"Safety Spin" [MR. MAGOO] 5/21/53

"Christopher Crumpet" [JOLLY FROLICS] 6/25/53

"Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony" 7/15/53
    Starring Gerald McBoing Boing.

"Magoo's Masterpiece" [MR. MAGOO] 7/30/53

"The Unicorn in the Garden" 9/24/53

"Magoo Slept Here" [MR. MAGOO] 11/19/53

"The Tell-Tale Heart" 12/27/53

           Films of 1954

"Bringing Up Mother" 1/14/54

"Ballet-oop" 2/11/54

"Magoo Goes Skiing" [MR. MAGOO] 3/11/54

"The Man on the Flying Trapeze" 4/8/54

"Fudget's Budget" 6/17/54

"Kangaroo Courting" 7/22/54

"How Now Boing Boing" 9/9/54
    Starring Gerald McBoing Boing.

"Destination Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 12/16/54

           Films of 1955

"When Magoo Flew" [MR. MAGOO] 1/6/55

"Spare the Child" 1/27/55

"Four Wheels No Brakes" 1/27/55
    Starring Pete Hothead.

"Magoo's Check-Up" [MR. MAGOO] 2/24/55

"Baby Boogie" 5/19/55

"Magoo's Express" [MR. MAGOO] 5/19/55

"Madcap Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 6/23/55

"Christopher Crumpet's Playmate" 9/8/55
    Starring Christopher Crumpet.

"Stage Door Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 10/6/55

"The Rise of Duton Lang" 12/1/55

"Magoo Makes News" [MR. MAGOO] 12/12/55

           Films of 1956

"Gerald McBoing! Boing! on Planet Moo" 2/9/56
    Starring Gerald McBoing Boing.

"Magoo's Caine Mutiny" [MR. MAGOO] 3/8/56

"Magoo Goes West" [MR. MAGOO] 4/19/56

"Calling Dr. Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 5/24/56

"The Jaywalker" 5/31/56

"Magoo Beats the Heat" [MR. MAGOO] 6/21/56

"Magoo's Puddle Jumper" [MR. MAGOO] 7/26/56

"Trailblazer Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 9/13/56

"Magoo's Problem Child" [MR. MAGOO] 10/18/56

"Meet Mother Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 12/27/56

           Films of 1957

"Magoo Goes Overboard" [MR. MAGOO] 2/21/57

"Matador Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 3/30/57

"Magoo Breaks Par" [MR. MAGOO] 6/27/57

"Magoo's Glorious Fourth" [MR. MAGOO] 7/25/57

"Magoo's Masquerade" [MR. MAGOO] 8/15/57

"Magoo Saves the Bank" [MR. MAGOO] 9/26/57

"Rock Hound Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 10/24/57

"Magoo's Moose Hunt" [MR. MAGOO] 11/28/57

"Magoo's Private War" [MR. MAGOO] 12/19/57

           Films of 1958

"Trees and Jamaica Daddy" [HAM AND HATTIE] 1/30/58

"Sailing and Village Band" [HAM AND HATTIE] 2/27/58

"Magoo's Young Manhood" [MR. MAGOO] 3/13/58

"Scoutmaster Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 4/10/58

"The Explosive Mr. Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 5/8/58

"Magoo's Three-Point Landing" [MR. MAGOO] 6/5/58

"Magoo's Cruise" [MR. MAGOO] 9/11/58

"Love Comes to Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 10/2/58

"Spring and Saganaki" [HAM AND HATTIE] 10/16/58

"Gumshoe Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 11/?/58

           Films of 1959

"Bwana Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 1/9/59

"Picnics Are Fun and Dino's Serenade" [HAM AND HATTIE] 1/16/59

"Magoo's Homecoming" [MR. MAGOO] 3/5/59

"Merry Minstrel Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 4/9/59

"Magoo's Lodge Brother" [MR. MAGOO] 5/7/59

"Terror Faces Magoo" [MR. MAGOO] 7/9/59

"Ragtime Bear" 1949

"The Magic Fluke" 1949

"Trouble Indemnity" 1950

"Gerald McBoing Boing" 1951

"Barefaced Flatfoot" 1951

"Punchy de Leon" 1950

"Madeline" 1952

"Fudget’s Budget" 1954

"Christopher Crumpet" 1953

"When Magoo Flew" 1955

Jules Engel BG for "Scoutmaster Magoo" 1958

3. Feature Films

4. Commercials, Industrials, Educational


"1001 Arabian Nights" (Columbia Pictures, 1959)

"Gay Purr-ee" (Warner Bros., 1962)


No Minor Vices (Enterprise Productions, 1948)
    Includes UPA animated insert.

The Red Pony (Republic Pictures, 1949)
    Includes live-action and animated inserts.

The Four Poster (Columbia Pictures, 1952)
    Includes animated sequences by UPA.

Dreamboat (Twentieth Century-Fox, 1952)
    Includes UPA animation.

The Girl Next Door (Twentieth Century-Fox, 1953)
    Includes animated sequences by UPA.

The Vikings (United Artists, 1958)
    Main Titles by UPA.

“1001 Arabian Nights" 1959

World War II shorts

“Look Who’s Driving”

A more complete list of UPA's industrial films and commercials is in progress.

Here is an initial offering. For most of these, dates are difficult to ascertain.

"Look Who's Driving" [educational film]
    Produced for Aetna Casualty and Surety Company.

"Man Alive!" [educational film] (1952)
    Produced for American Cancer Society.

"Man on the Land" [educational film] (c. 1952)
    Produced for American Petroleum Institute.

"Kool Cigarettes" [inserts in live-action TV commercial]
    Produced for Ted Bates & Company.

"Carling's Ale" [TV commercial]
    Produced for Benton & Bowles Agency.

"Our Mr. Sun" [inserts in live-action documentary] (1956)
    Produced for Frank Capra Productions and Bell Telephone Co.

"Just between Us Girls" [sales film]
    Produced for Carson-Roberts, Inc.

"More Than Meets the Eye" [sales film]
"It's Time for Everybody" [sales film]
    Produced for CBS Radio.

"Paper-Mate Pen" [TV commercial]

    Produced for Erwin Wasey Agency.

"General Motors TV Spots" [6 TV commercials]

"General Motors Motorama" [inserts in live-action sales film]
    Produced for Kudner Agency.

"Sugar, U.S.A." [insert in sales film]
    Produced for Mercury International, Inc.

"The Studebaker Story" [inserts in sales film]
    Produced for Screen Gems, Inc.

"Cashmere Bouquet Hand Lotion" [TV commercial]
    Produced for Sherman & Marquette.

"There's a Ford in Your Future" [insert for TV and theatrical]
    Produced for Ford Motor Company (Audio Productions).

"Ford Service" [19 TV commercials, also theatrical]
"Safety" [live-action and animated for TV and theatrical]
"Economy" [live-action and animated for TV and theatrical]
"Performance" [live-action and animated for TV and theatrical]
"Comfort" [live-action and animated for TV and theatrical]
"Beauty" [live-action and animated for TV and theatrical]
"1951 Ford" [13 live-action and animated theatrical spots]
"Fordomatic Series" [18 live-action TV commercials]
"1951 Ford" [13 live-action TV commercials]
    Produced for Ford Motor Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency).

"Norge Appliances" [13 live-action TV commercials]
    Produced for Norge Div.-Borg-Warner (J. Walter Thompson).

"Pond's Tissues" [4 TV and theatrical commercials]
    Produced for Pond's Extract Co. (J. Walter Thompson Agency).

"Unicycle" [TV commercials]
"Saddle" [TV commercials]
    Produced for Shell Oil Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency).

"Ward Bread" [3 TV commercials]
    Produced for Ward Baking Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency).

"Goebel Beer" [TV commercial]
    Produced for Goebel Beer Company (Sarra, Inc.)

"A Mirror for the Sky" [animated backgrounds for stage show]
    Produced for DuBois-Friedman.

"Lucky Strike" [TV commercial]
    Produced for American Tobacco Co (Sarra, Inc.)

"Radiant Heat" [TV commercial]
    Produced for Radiant Heat Engineering Company
    (Rose, Gardner & White).

"Carrier Weather Maker" [TV commercial]

"Carrier Air Conditioner" [TV commercial]
    Produced for Carrier Corporation (N. W. Ayer & Son).

"Surf" [TV commercial]
    Produced for Lever Bros. Company (N. W. Ayer & Son).

"Webster Cigar" [TV commercial]
    Produced for Webster Tobacco Co. (N. W. Ayer & Son.)

"Chocolongo El Terrible" [theatrical commercial (Spanish)]
"Camay" [theatrical commercial (Spanish)]
"Los Novios de Juanita" [theatrical commercial (Spanish)]
"La Mujer a Traves de los Tiempos" [theatrical commercial (Spanish)]
    Procter & Gamble (Publicidad Alvarez Perez Agency, Cuba).

"Story of Commercial Banking" [inserts]
    Produced for Continental Bank (Wilding Pictures).

"Big Tim" [institutional film for theatres]
    Produced for Timken Roller Bearing Co. (Wilding Pictures).

Additional TV commercials produced for Jell-O Pudding, Piels Beer,
    General Electric (with Mr. Magoo), Keora, Good 'n Plenty.

“The Vikings" 1958

“Man Alive” 1952

“Man on the Land” 1952

“Our Mr. Sun” 1956

one of the short films that appeared on the

CBS “The Gerald McBoing Boing Show” aired 1957-58

5. Television

story board for "Sad Sack"

“Gay Purr-ee" 1962

Ham segment of Ham & Hattie, "Village Band" 1958

Bert & Harry for “Piels Beer”















Dusty of the Circus
    Produced for Twentieth Century-Fox.
    12 1/2 minutes.

Frosty the Snowman
    Produced for Hill & Range Songs, Inc.

Peter Cottontail
    Produced for Hill & Range Songs, Inc.

The Gerald McBoing Boing Show (CBS)
    December 16, 1956 - March 10, 1957.
    13 half-hour episodes.


    Mr. Magoo (Syndicated)
    Premiered November 7, 1960.
    130 five-minute cartoons packaged as 26 half-hour episodes.

The Adventures of Dick Tracy (Syndicated)
[Later The Dick Tracy Show]
Premiered September 1961.
130 five-minute cartoons packaged as 26 half-hour episodes.

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (NBC)
Premiered December 18, 1962.
Rebroadcast December 13, 1963; Dec. 18, 1964; Dec. 17, 1965;

Dec. 17, 1966; Dec. 17, 1967; then syndicated.
One-hour special.

The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo (NBC)
October 10, 1964 - August 21, 1965.
26 half-hour episodes.

Uncle Sam Magoo (CBS)
Premiered February 15, 1970; later syndicated.
One-hour special.

What's New, Mr. Magoo? (CBS)
Produced by De Patie-Freleng Enterprises in association with UPA.
September 10, 1977 - September 9, 1978 (?).
30 cartoons packaged in 15 half-hour episodes.

“Gerald McBoing Boing” Coloring Book, 1960s

“The Adventures of Dick Tracy” 1961

“Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol” television special 1962