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The Boing Heard Round the World documentary received some much needed “re-start-up” funds back in 2012 through Kickstarter.  Some of the funds went toward producing the “Magoo at the Alex” event, the highlight of the AniMazSpot 2012 animation festival, and most of the rest went to traveling to a half dozen places in Europe to record more interviews for

our documentary.  The main trip to get to Europe, and back, was paid

for by the AniFilm festival in the Czech Republic, where we produced

three UPA programs.  Production resumed in early 2013, and has picked

up considerably in 2014.  We’ll be starting a new Fund Raising campaign

for additional production funds once we complete three of the sequences in the documentary.  Below the Magoo / Gerald pitch for participation, and the Overview of Currant Production review are three lists; a master interview list, the full list of our ProductionTeam, and more details on the documentary Production Progress.

                                   To become a part of our UPA Doc Production
                                click either Magoo or Gerald.  We’re open to both
                               Crew participation and/or Financial participation.

   Master Interview List

       (over 180 interviews)

    Yossi Abolafia         

    Misha Aldashin     

    Larry Alexander       

    Amid Amidi

    Art Babbitt               

    Evan Bailey             

    Ted Baker

    Andy Beall               

    Jerry Beck            

    Howard Beckerman 

    Gianni Bendazzi      

    Tony Benedict        

    Mitchell Bernal      

    Brad Bird             

    Geefwee Boedoe     

    Nick Bosustow          

    Steve Bosustow        

    Steve Bradley      

    Justin Brandstater    

    Dave Brain     

    Serge Bromberg

    Jean-Christophe Dessaint

    Bruce Burness           

    Christina Lopez Cabellero  

    Jim Capobianco    

    Robert Cannon

    Vince Cafarelli         

    Dolores Canata          

    John Canemaker    

    Hana Cannon        

    Craig Clark            

    Dale Case                 

    Sam Clayberger       

    Karl Cohen              

    Sharon Colman        

    Steve S.R. Conch

    Olivier Cotte           

    Fred Crippen      

    John Culhane       

    Sébastien Dabadie

    Tim Decker  

    Pete Docter        

    Tissa David              

    Maxine Davis

    Gene Deitch             

    Kim Deitch                

    Abby Donnelly         

    Paul Dopff            

    Bordo Dovnikovic    

    Ken Drake        

    Bob Dranko             

    Edgar Dutka

    Tony Eastman           

    Craig Elliott                

    Jules Engel        

    David Evans             

   Kenny Farrall            

    Will Finn           

    June Foray               

    Eddie Freidman       

    Maureen Furniss      

    Alain Gagnol

    Michael Giaimo       

    Jean Gillmore        

    Len Glasser        

    Eric Goldberg           

    Susan Goldberg        

    Steve Gordon   

    Oscar Grillo               

    Vivien Halas        

    Chico Hamilton       

    Phil Harnage    

    Ken Harsha        

    Steve Hickner         

    Bill Hurtz                     

    Dave Hilberman       

    Libby Hilberman

    T-Dan Hofstedt

    Mike Humphries       

    Michael Helmerhorst  

    Edna Jacobs            

    Hank Jordan           

    Erv Kaplan           

    Cathy Karol      

    Loraine Kaufman   

    Millard Kaufman     

    Mark Kausler      

    Mike Kazalah       

    Kirk Kelley             

    Mark Kirkland    

    Lee Klynn             

    Bill Kroyer           

    Bob Kurtz             

    Irene Kotlarz              

    Jean-François Laguionie

    Derek Lamb         

    Mel Leven                

    HB Buck Lewis       

    Bill Littlejohn            

    Frank Macchia         

    Marcos Magalhães  

    Leonard Maltin         

    Antran Manoogian   

    François Maquaire

    Mauro Maressa    

    Craig Marin             

    Bill Matthews          

    Robert May            

    Brian McEntee       

    Bob McIntosh          

    Bill Melendez       

    Micheala Mertova

    Joe Messerli          

    Rebecca Moline      

    Judith Morgan       

    Frank Mouris          

    Jimmy Murakami    

    Barrie Nelson         

    Teddy Newton       

    Phil Nibbelink   

    Richard O’Connor   

    Tskiko Oren            

    Charleen Petersen 

    Jeff Pidgeon          

    Kaj Pindal            

    Bill Plympton         

    Ray Pointer             

    Elana Pomaras

    Gregoire Pont

    Rubén Procopio       

    Dave Pruiksma        

    Willie Pyle                

    Anik Le Ray

    Monique Renault

    Lou Romano        

    Tom Roth               

    Robh Ruppel       

    Michael Schlesinger  

    Zack Schwartz         

    George Scribner          

    Joe Siracusa           

    Adam Snyder        

    Peter Sohn

    Michael Sporn         

    JJ Sedelmaier         

    Joe Sikoryak           

    David Silverman       

    Tom Sito                

    Lynn Smith              

    Charles Solomon     

    Steve Stanchfield     

    Andrew Stanton      

    Nick Sung              

    Emru Townsend      

    Mark Walsh             

    Emma  Watkins       

    John Weldon        

    Gerry Woolery         

    Steve Worth            

    Ralph Young           

    Alan Zaslove         

         Production Crew

        (This list includes crew

    members from the beginning

     of production to the present.)

    Adam Abraham

    Gwen Arreola

    Tony Best

    G. Allen Black

    Sylvie Bosustow

    Tee Bosustow   

    Cinzia Bottini

    Jin Chong

    Charles Davis

    Patrick Dunavan  

    Jamie Ekkens       

    Dave Evans

    Fenway Fan

    Tim Finn

    Ken Gale

    Adrián Garcia

    Eliza Gardner

    Fernando Ferreira Garróz

    Manny Grijalva

    Rebecca Hayes

    Mike Kazaleh

    Eunice Kim

    Rob O’Keefe

    Joe Sikoryak

    Juliet Sironi

    Stephanie Smith

    Ed Stevens

    Nino Tomassini

    Brett Underhill

    Terry Wilson

    Chris Zollner


    two anonymous

    Pixar animation artists  

        Production Progress

        (Here are details of what we’re

         working on now, organized into

           categories. Names are,those

            working in these areas now.)


    This task is the basis for most everything

    that follows, looking for all UPA materials    

    available and organizing what we discover,

    in an easily accessible order. Gwen is the

    first to come aboard, and she was also our

    invaluable point person in Burbank, while    

    Tee was in Europe doing the UPA program

    at the Czech festival and videotaping UPA

    interviews in other parts of Europe.  We

    hope to have the production space emptied

    of all clutter well before the end of 2014,

    and UPA treasures safely in the archive

    we’ve been working with..


    Designing a new website that will look

    more professional and yet pleasing to

    anyone who’s a fan of UPA is still high

    on our list, but not as urgent as the items

    directly related to production. However,

    we do have a new crew member, Joe

    Sikoryak, who’s begun working on some

    of our basic graphic needs. 


    Although we now have over 180 UPA

    interviews, there are still more we’d like

    to do, so we’ve begun the process of

    getting those last important interviews.


    This is the process to turn the interviews

    into typewritten pages of what is being

    said.  We’re thrilled to be able to announce

    our first crew member, Cinzia Bottini, who

    will be concentrating exclusively on

    transcripts, as the transcripts will be at

    the heart of our narrative, having the UPA

    story told by the experts, rather than an

    uninvolved narrator/actor.


    Character Design:

    Our six-person Design Development team

    has been busy designing characters, and

    by early next month we hope to be able to

    lock down all the major characters of UPA

    to use in the first three sequences for our

    documentary, for the Fund Raising video.

    Next Fundraising:

    We need to obtain additional funding for

    licensing of UPA characters and films,

    technical materials, and challenges, travel

    costs, and other production costs that

    raise their ugly heads.  Everyone on the

    crew is working on spec, so we will also    

    need to raise funds to pay our crew

    members.  The Fund Raising video and

    written presentation that we are now

    working on, will be the beginning of our

    next fund raising campaign..

   Innovative Ideas: everyone

    Everyone on the crew, and anyone viewing

    this site is invited to offer innovative ideas

    so that we may produce a documentary

    feature that honors the ground breaking

    innovations of UPA Pictures.












The Boing Heard Round the World, under

a variety of titles over the years, began production in earnest in 2003, with the primary focus being on videotaping former UPA artist and other animation experts, plus, doing a series of UPA presentations worldwide, to bring UPA back into the consciousness of the animation community.  During this time several sequences have been edited, and various ideas discussed

on the overall style and content of the

final documentary feature.

However, there have been a number of interruptions, due to crew members having to jump ship periodically, and the common problem of documentary productions, lack of funds.  However, we now have rescued a number of our original crew, added several others, and replenished our treasure chest,

although our biggest challenge now is to raise additional funds for the completion expenses.  If you have any leads, let is know.

Adam Abraham, author of When Magoo Flew, the ultimate book on UPA history, has generously donated and autographed some of his books, along with some we bought, which we’ve put up on the Shopping page

to add to the other items to help raise funds for the documentary.

Although we’ve had our fair share of interruptions we’ve started up again to go

the distance this time.  We’d planed to start after the Sep. 2012 Magoo at the Alex event, and finish in the not too far distant future, but, as it turned out the end of 2012 was crowded with non-documentary problems, but, Tee Bosustow turned over his four-year presidency of the AniMazSpot festival on January 12, 2013 to Dave Brain, and the Entries Directorship to Jim Keeshen, so

that cleared the way for full throttle on the doc.  We would have loved to finish it by the end of 2013, but that became impossible. So, we’re now waiting to set a completion date when we have a better sense of how the process is moving along.  As much as we all want to finish it, we also want it to honor UPA’s high creative standards.

        Visit us periodically for updates.

We’ve been updating our list of film

credits, and other UPA Doc Team

updates on the Film Credits page.

Click here, then scroll down a bit, for

“The Complete History 
UPA Presentations and Tributes”


     Ottawa 2006

                              Glendale 2012Updates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlUpdates.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4shapeimage_3_link_5shapeimage_3_link_6shapeimage_3_link_7shapeimage_3_link_8shapeimage_3_link_9shapeimage_3_link_10shapeimage_3_link_11shapeimage_3_link_12shapeimage_3_link_13shapeimage_3_link_14

Overview of Current Production

As of July 2014, our May 2013 trip is moving further back in yesterdays, but,

is still a bell weather of sorts, where we produced three UPA programs at a Czech Republic animation festival, presenting one of them, followed by a Q&A, and then we videotaped a dozen interviews around Europe, which are detailed on the Updates page, as is our most recent trip to Buenos Aires, which surpassed even the great 2013 European trip.  BAFICI in BA, Argentina, included six film presentations, a round table discussion, and the first ever exhibition.

We are also moving forward on the clearing out of our production space, finding many UPA treasures for the documentary and the companion book.  Ultimately all the UPA treasures will be going to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science library and film archives for safe keeping, as well as being assessable to animation research.  Cinzia Bottini, a graduate student from Singapore, doing her dissertation on UPA says that we have the best UPA collection she’s even seen.

We’ve also begun doing more interviews and transcripts, and hope to have clips from the interviews pieced together to create the narrative for the doc.

We’ve now presented UPA at 17 festivals and other venues. Click Updates for info on all the events where we’ve presented UPA. 

And, let us know if there are any interviews you think we need to include in

the documentary.  Our door is always open.

the very first character design,

T. Hee, by G. Allen Black

    The Production Progress flyer below is the first in what will be a series of collector’s items, designed to

    help in the funding of the UPA documentary feature, The Boing Heard Round the World.  It is printed on

    glossy brochure paper and signed by our Producer / Director, Tee Bosustow. It’s $5 if you pick it up here

    in Burbank, $10 if we mail it to you in the US, and $20 if we mail it internationally.  More will follow.

$5 for Pick Up

$20 for International

$10 for US mail

Click Here
if you want to 
arrange a time 
to pick it up,
give us your mailing address.http://livepage.apple.com/http://livepage.apple.com/http://livepage.apple.com/http://livepage.apple.com/http://livepage.apple.com/http://livepage.apple.com/http://livepage.apple.com/http://livepage.apple.com/mailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Progress%20Flyer%20pick%20upshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7

Woodbury University’s summer UPA documentary feature production class is in full swing.  Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of senior animation students from Woodbury and our local crew members working in Woodbury’s big Animation lab, with Toon Boom Harmony, under the guidance

of the chair of the animation department, Dori Littel Herrick.  Also, sharing the direction of the production are the documentary’s producer/director, Tee Bosustow, Production Supervisor, Kevin Cannarile, and

in New York, Art Director, G. Allen Black, who we Skype during review times at the lab.  Plus, one day we had a special animation guest lecture from Mike Kazaleh, who reviewed our work to date.