Documentary Backers











Most Backers began with

our June 18/July 18, 2012 Kicksarter campaign, but, more continue to arrive.

They are listed in the order

of the amount pledged and when their funds arrived:

Tim Finn

Sally Benson

Steve Nichols

Cynthia Lee Allen

Tim Cohea

Dixon Q. Dern

Andreas Deja

Eliza Gardner

Bob Kurtz

Robert Danziger

Richard Krown

Carol Beecher

Kevin D.A. Kurytnik

Jack Heiter

Tony Best

Bill Dennis

Guillaume Blackburn

James Tilby

Steve Sikoryak


Joe Sedelmeier

Robert Schaad

Mark Allen

Margo Burns

Harry Sabin

John Canemaker

Sebastien Dabadie

Randall Shepherd

John Sokolowski

Christopher Taylor

Howard Beckerman

Linda Penny Bergman

Joe Sikoryak

Wade Hockett

Suzanne & George Wagner

Jorjana & Roger Kellaway

Ken Krown

Seth Larson

Mark Davis

Rob Wolcott

Cinzia Bottini

Kevin Maynes


Manny Grijalva

Willard Korfhage

Darren Shaw

Jon Schnepp

Dave Brain


Eric Rau

Jerry Beck

William Skaleski

Bob Schaefer

Edward Watts

Chris Allen


Lili Chin

Shelley Boyer

Elaine Lieber

G. Allen Black

Jamie Kezlarian Bolio

Sagan Yee

Robert Richardson

Christoffer Ronander

Benjamin Bangsberg

Patrick Matthews

Colman Andrews

Jim Mertz

Bradley Neuhaus

Phil Harnage

Sharon Colman Graham

Ed Kowalczewski

Phillippe Vaucher

Rob Baldwin


J. Faceless User

Andrew Soderberg

Thomas Treptow

Raymond Brȧthen

Stephen Maden

Jeremy Wiss

Michael J. Cahill

plus, 19 anonymous backers

   To meet our Total Production  
   Costs, additional Backers are 
   Invited to join our Team, at 
   any of the eight pledge levels, 
   listed below with related gifts, 
   beginning at the $25 Level.

    $25 or more:

1. A Certificate of Appreciation: 
    Will be sent out via email, within a week of receiving 
    funds. Backer can print it on paper of their choice. 

2. Listing on this UPA Doc website: 
    Backer’s name will be added to the “Backers” list 
    on the left, on this “Doc Backers” page, within a 
    week of receiving their funds.

    $50 or more, everything above, plus:

3. copy of an Early Overview of the Documentary video: 
    to be sent out in the Spring of 2014, or within a week 
    of funding should funding arrive after that time.

4. an official business card with a logo design by 
    Fernando Ferreira Garróz, our designer in Rio 
    de Janeiro, and the new card by Joe Sikoriak, 
    our designer in San Francisco.  Template of
    Backer’s personalized business card, is sent
    with ten cards to the page, for the Backer to print
    out at their home or business.

    $100 or more, everything above, plus:

5. a copy of the Documentary itself: 
    December 2014 is our anticipated completion date, 
    should we finish earlier the copies will be sent out 
    earlier.  Should we finish later the final copies will 
    be sent out later.  But, they will be sent our sooner
    or later.

6. An "I ❤ UPA" T-Shirt:         
    Let us know what sizes you want.

    $250 or more, everything above, plus:

7. a Work-in Progress video:         
    This will be an exclusive video that won’t even
     be available in the companion book. 

8. One autographed copy of "Inside UPA", a collector's 
    limited edition book of rare photographs from UPA 
    in the 40s and 50s, will be sent within a week of 
    receiving your funds, autographed by documentary
    Producer / Director, Tee Bosustow.

    $500 or more, everything above, plus:

9. Screen Credit on the Documentary: 
    The $500 to $1,000 level backers will receive 
    a screen credit on the end titles under 
    “Special Thanks”or a title similar to that.

10. One autographed copy of the companion book
    to be published around the time the documentary
    is released.  It will be sent out when it’s published
    or when the funds are received, and it will be 
    autographed by documentary Producer/Director, 
    Tee Bosustow.

    $1,000 or more Level. Everything above, plus:

11. Invitation the premier or a special screening:
    At the moment we plan to have our premier here 
    at the Alex Theatre, in Glendale, California. 
    However, any backer at this level, or above, 
    who can’t make the premier, will be notified of 
    special screenings in their area, and we will continue 
    to stay in touch with these backers until each one has 
    been able to make it to a special screening.  This 
    shouldn't be a problem because international 
    animation festivals are already clamoring to show 
    this documentary feature at their festivals.

    $5,000 or more Level. Everything above, plus:

12. Associate Producer Credit:
    This is only available to backers who back our Doc 
    at $5,000 up to $9,999.99, along with crew members
    who are not under another title, but have done
    exceptional work on the documentary.

	13.	Interview Backer or Design Character:
                (Choice Required)
Choice #1 - The interview will be basically on why the Backer enjoys UPA shorts. We’ll try to arrange 
a way to interview the Backer here in Burbank, or nearby, or at a place arranged elsewhere that is more convenient to the Backer, or, we can even record an interview over Skype, if all else fails.   
A selection from that interview will be on the 
DVD in the companion book. 

    Choice #2 - The other choice is for us to design 
    an animated character based on the Backer for 
    the end titles.  We are designing characters of the 
    key UPA artists, which will be used to illustrate 
    moments in the UPA story.  End titles will include 
    these “UPA staff” characters, some UPA cartoon 
    characters, and Backer characters at this level, 
    and above, if this is their choice.

    $10,000 or more, everything above, 
            except Associate Producer Credit, plus:

14. Executive Producer Credit:
    This is only available to backers at $10,000, or more
    and this credit is the top credit over all others. 

15.  An exclusive and original “Boing Round the World” 
    portrait of the Backer, or a character of the Backer’s 
    choice, from the documentary.  The elements of the
    portrait will be discussed with the Backer, and the 
    painting will then be created with those elements 
    in mind.  The artist will be selected from designers
    on the documentary, or artists who will be contributing
    to an upcoming event honoring the art of UPA.

    To Support our Doc Team just click the PayPal button 
    and insert the Pledge Level that works best for you:

Don’t hesitate to ask us a question 
or make a comment.mailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Backers%20question%20or%20commentmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Backers%20question%20or%20commentmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Backers%20question%20or%20commentmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Backers%20question%20or%20commentshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1shapeimage_12_link_2

Geefwee Boedoe, on the right, awaiting our camera crew set up,

prior to our 2004 shoot in his studio in Emeryville.  On the left is

the title design which he feels was greatly inspired by UPA,

over three decades earlier.

sample of certificate of appreciation

official 2012 festival poster,

featuring Magoo at the Alex event

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Click here to offer your skills 
to the UPA Production Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=To%20Join%20UPA%20Doc%20Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=To%20Join%20UPA%20Doc%20Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=To%20Join%20UPA%20Doc%20Teammailto:upapix@me.com?subject=To%20Join%20UPA%20Doc%20Teamshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1shapeimage_14_link_2

    Backers, Sponsors, Investors and Funders 
    at all levels will receive the same periodic 
    Updates that are emailed every month or so 
    to our UPA documentary production team.

    Upcoming Fundraising events
    coming up, include:

    • UPA documentary exhibit
       and fundraising booth at
       “UPA Gems • First Look”
       at the BAFICI film festival
       in Buenos Aires, Argentina
       April 2 through April 13.

    • Fund Raising booth and
       auction at the Road Trip
       in downtown Burbank,
       April 19 & 20.

    • Another online fundraising
       campaign being developed
       by crew member Jinkai Qian
       around late April/early May.

    • A UPA tribute event featuring
       Animation Artists now being
       developed by crew member
       G. Allen Black, probably in
       late spring / early summer.

    Of course, anyone can become
    a Backer right here on this
    page, and get some of these
    gifts as well.  Take a look and
    don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Click here 
to contact usmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Question%20about%20Backingmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Question%20about%20Backingmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Question%20about%20Backingmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=Question%20about%20Backingshapeimage_17_link_0shapeimage_17_link_1shapeimage_17_link_2

sample of “The Boing

Heard Round the World”

business card.

Two in Ts:

June Foray

and friend in

I ❤ UPA" t-shirts.

The cover of

“Inside UPA,

edited by

Amid Amidi.