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Bosustow Media Group is basically an independent production company, headed by Tee Bosustow, and crewed by a variety of people over the years, depending on the project at hand.

The present project is the UPA documentary feature,

The Boing Heard Round the World. 

It’s crew includes; Tony Best, Garry Black, Jin Chong,

Dave Evans, Rebecca Hayes, Mike Kazaleh, Eunice Kim,

Juliet Sironi, Nino Tomassini, Brett Underhill, Chris Zollner

Fernando Ferreira Garróz and two Pixar Story Artists,

who wish to remain anonymous for the time being.

and, here’s some background on Bosustow Media Group’s producer/director:

Tee Bosustow has created, written, produced, directed, shot, and edited award wining films, television and interactive programs in Los Angeles, Memphis, Colorado Springs, Boston, Paris, London and Hong Kong. Tee understands media production from almost every level ... on a

hands-on basis; he is a leader AND a team player.

Tee’s first job was as an apprentice animator at his dad’s animation studio, UPA, home of Mr. Magoo and Gerald McBoing-Boing.  Upon graduating from UCLA, with a BA in Cinema, Tee moved to Paris, where he advanced his skills working on a number of highly acclaimed documentaries.

Contacts in Paris led Tee to London, where he worked on several documentary projects with a BBC production team.  He then moved to Hong Kong, where he produced and directed a number of children’s programs – plus animated and live action commercials – for local and global clients including Coca Cola, Crocodile Shirts, Agfa, Bireley’s Soft Drinks, Pirate Cigarettes, and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank.

Back in Los Angeles, Tee continued producing commercials and promos.  His list of clients includes MGM, Universal, Ford Motors, Greyhound Bus, Holiday Inn, IBM, Mazda Motors, Nintendo, AT&T, Sunlaw Energy, Hewlett Packard, First Interstate Bank, Prudential/Jon Douglas Realty, Southern California Edison, and countless others.

Tee returned to television with projects for Real People, Universal, Fox, and Castle Rock, plus two children’s series of his own: “Hayley Mills’ Magic Video Theater” and “SuperStories”.

Tee has taught television production and editing at USC and the Los Angeles Cinématheque, and he wrote a column on the independent film scene in Hollywood for a French magazine, Cinéma Pratique. Tee is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the proud father of Sylvie Bosustow, his 27 year old daughter, who’s a Business Coordinator at BAMCO, and the host of AniMazSpot animated shorts festival, held in Burbank each year.

In the early 2000s, Tee’s career took a sharp turn from production to “presentations”.  While researching a documentary Tee wanted to produce on his father, he became increasingly interested in animation, the chosen field of both his father and his brother.  He decided to

make the documentary on the UPA studio, instead of just his dad, and Tee quickly became

the defacto expert on this forgotten animation studio of the 50s, which had contributed so

much to the ground-breaking changes that transformed silly cartoons for kids to stylish

and thoughtful animation for adults, as well as children.

To find experts for his documentary, Tee began a quest to interview as many legendary animators as he could find, particularly from UPA, and then built a website to allow students

to download interviews for research in animation history and techniques.  His interviews

now number over 160, and as a result Tee began to be invited to give presentations on

UPA at international animation festivals around the world: Animafest (Zagreb, Croatia),

Ottawa Internatonal (Ottawa, Canada), AnimaMundi (Rio de Janiero, Brazil), CinAnima

(Espinho, Portugal), Annecy International (Annecy, France), and Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia).

In 2008, at the urging, and help, of longtime friend, Dr. Robert Bunes, Tee came up with

a festival that lacked many of the things he wanted to see at the other festivals, primarily a

closer connection with the highly motivated and creative independent animated shorts filmmakers, who he felt had been underserved in comparison to the more powerful feature animation professionals.  AniMazSpot 2009 was inaugurated at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, and has grown from that one weekend to a full week that includes studio tours, programs presented by animation professionals from LA animation community, and screenings of nominated shorts from all over the world.  Tee and Bob have now been joined by many others who share their feeling that this non-profit organization is doing important work to support

and promote animated shorts filmmakers worldwide.

After four years as Festival Director of the AniMazSpot festival, Tee wil now return to finish

the UPA documentary feature, The Boing Heard Round the World.

The Boing Heard Round the World began over a decade ago,

and some of the early crew over the years have included:

Adam Abraham, Sylvie Bosustow, Charles Davis,

Patrick Dunavan, Ken Gale, Rob O’Keefe, and Ed Stevens.

Patrick Dunavan sets up shoot

at Geefwee Boedoe’s studio.

Emeryville, July 2004.

Click panel if you like to talk to us about joining our production crewmailto:upapix@me.com?subject=Joinging%20UPA%20Doc%20Crew?mailto:upapix@me.com?subject=Joinging%20UPA%20Doc%20Crew?mailto:upapix@me.com?subject=Joinging%20UPA%20Doc%20Crew?mailto:upapix@me.com?subject=Joining%20UPA%20Doc%20crew?shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2

Tee and Sylvie Bosustow

conduct Michael Helmerhorst

interview. Amsterdam, July 2005.