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2009 AniMazSpot festival posters

and, 2010 AniMazSpot festival posters

Autographed Art of Pixar Short Films books

Autographed Do-It-Yourself Animation books

More autographed animation books coming soon

2011 & 2012 AniMazSpot festival posters coming soon

plus, an autographed book auction

All proceeds go to our the production of the UPA feature documentary,

unless another part of the Project is selected.

Some of the items on this page require the buyer to make an offer, once the price has been agreed upon, the buyer can return to

this page & use the button

below to send their fee.

          The Art of Pixar Short Films by Amid Amidi
             autographed by Ralph Eggleston, Mark Walsh, Lou Romano, & Nick Sung

        a few pages from inside The Art of Pixar Short Films by Amid Amidi

                   We have 9 copies left, as of December, 2012

            For a brand-new Pixar Shorts book, with all four signatures, 
                                shipped anywhere in the US: $85
                              shipped anywhere in the world: $95

Or, if you’d prefer, mail your check, made out to Bosustow Media Group to:
Bosustow Media Group, 730 N. Whitnall Highway, #216, Burbank, CA 91505, usa
but, be sure to let us know it’s on its way, so we don’t sell your book.

all proceeds go to the production of

The Boing Heard Round the World

a documentary feature about UPA Pictures


      Nick Sung

Story Artist/Designer arriing at Pixar for UP and beyond.  Nick is

the most recent of our Toon In to the World of Animation interviews.

   Lou Romano

Designer/Artist/Actor as the voice of Linguini and others, winning numerous awards for his production designs, and our gratitude for designing our Juggler.

   Ralph Eggleston

Director/Designer/Animator seen above with his 2000 Oscar for For The Birds, an early arrival at Pixar, he also won an Annie for Art Direction on Toy Story I.

     Mark Walsh


seen above directing Tom Hanks in one of the Toy Story films. We met Mark in Rio, doing an animation workshop.

All shipments will include at least two stamps from the Pixar commemorative stamps, which include; Cars, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Up, and Wall-E., your choice.

Ample comments by author, Amid Amidi,

like this on Luxo Jr.

Plenty of concept sketches, like this early one of Wally B. by John Lasseter, pre-Pixar.

For the Birds is just one of the story sketches and model sheet for all shorts.

Heres a typical sort of page, an early drawing of Stu, for the Lifted short.

sheet of Pixar U.S.

commemorative stamps

   Click this panel if 
   you have questions 
   about the Pixar book 
   or other animation 
   autographed book.mailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=From%20Pixar%20Book%20pagemailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=From%20Pixar%20Book%20pagemailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=From%20Pixar%20Book%20pagemailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=From%20Pixar%20Book%20pagemailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=From%20Pixar%20Book%20pagemailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=From%20Pixar%20Book%20pagemailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=From%20Pixar%20Book%20Pageshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5

Finally, Mark Walsh signed his name, half with a little fish drawing and half with a sketch of Woody.  You can choose which you want by clicking the “question” box directly above.

The Do-it-Yourself Film Animation Book by Bob Godfrey
       autographed by Bill Matthews and Ken Priebe


  We have 5 copies left, as of December 2012
    including the one below, with Bob Godfrey’s
    signature.  It’s up for our third Auction item.

      For a used Godfrey Do-it-Yourself book, with both signatures, 
                            shipped anywhere in the US: $55
                          shipped anywhere in the worls: $70

Or, if you’d prefer, mail your check, made out
to Animazing Spotlight to: Animazing Spotlight, 
730 N. Whitnall Highway, #216, Burbank, CA 91505
but, be sure to let us know it’s on its way, 
so we don’t sell your book.

all proceeds go to the production of

The Boing Heard Round the World

a documentry feature about UPA Pictures

How to Order Posters

20” x 30” hi rez quality posters, on heavy 100 lb glossy stock paper

All prices include shipping in mailing tubes anywhere in the world.

Use the number preceding the title of the poster to indicate which poster(s) you are ordering.

                                    Prices:  One Poster $35 ($35.00 per poster)

                                                  Two Posters $65 ($32.50 per poster)

                                               Three Posters $90 ($30.00 per poster)

                                               Four Posters $110 ($27.50 per poster)

                                                Five Posters $125 ($25.00 per poster)

                                                  Six Posters $135 ($22.50 per poster)

Add $15 per order for Tee Bosustow’s autograph,

the UPA documentary producer/director and

the Creator of the 2010 UPA Tribute

Add $25 for a poster of Erv Kaplan

autographed by Erv Kaplan (only one left)


Maximum Order: Six Posters per order


Order by Mail send your selection of posters, with your address and email,

and Money Order made out to “Bosustow Media Group” to:

Bosustow Media Group

730 N. Whitnall, #216

Burbank, California 91505, Usa

Coming Soon

   Godfrey Autographed Book Auction
Auction Ends:  2 weeks after first bid



       How to Bid for this Book:

     First Bid: Click the Blue button to email us; your name, 
        your bid, your email and/or phone, and a nickname, 
        in case you’d rather not use your real name to enter 
        on the “bidding sheet”.

    Other Bids: Click the Green button for any other bids 
        you make, and just email us just your name or  nickname 
        and your new bid.

                       Bidding Sheet: 

                      Openning     $150.00    06 Aug    3:00:00 pm

    On the left is the 3rd auction we’ve held         
    on this site. The first auction was for a 
    cel from the first Mr. Magoo, “Ragtime 
    Bear”, donated by Van Eaton Galleries, 
    and the second was for a signed 
    poster by Karen Reynoso of a Fred 
    Crippen Santa.  After this one, we will 
    probably do another signed cel.

    This auction for is a special copy 
    of “Do-It-Yourself Animation” by the 
    animation legend, Bob Godfrey.  It was 
    generously donated to AniMazSpot 2011 
    by Bill Matthews, a legend in his own 
    right, with long important stints at 
    Disney and Sheridan, among others.  
    This was Bill’s personal copy, with a 
    personal autograph by Godfrey, which 
    reads, Bill, you don’t need this book, 
    but Cheers, Bob Godfrey, 
    Vancouver, 2001.  

    The book has been sitting undisturbed 
    for ten year on one of Bill Matthews’
    bookshelves in Glendale, so it is in 
    excellent condition, not brand new,
    pristine, but pretty close.  It’s a 
    paperback, measuring 10” by 7”, 
    96 black and white pages, liberally 
    illustrated with Godfrey’s whimsical          
    drawings on nearly every single page.  
    We have four other copies that we will 
    sell during the AniMazSpot 2011 festival, 
    (see above) also autographed, but none 
    of them will be autographed by Bob 
    Godfrey himself.

    One interesting note is that the other 
    four Godfrey books we’re selling have 
    the original price printed on the back 
    cover, one is £1.20 and the others 
    are £1.30, but Bill’s copy has a little 
    paste-on tab that has a hand-written 
    6.87 filled in.  We’ll leave it up to the 
    buyer to decide whether they want to 
    peel off that little sticker to see which 
    British price is hidden.

First Bidmailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=First%20Bid%20on%20Godfrey%20bookmailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=First%20Bid%20on%20Godfrey%20bookmailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=First%20Bid%20for%20Godfrey%20bookshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1

Other Bidsmailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=Additional%20Bids%20on%20Godfrey%20bookmailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=Additional%20Bids%20on%20Godfrey%20bookmailto:info@animazspot.com?subject=Additonal%20Bids%20on%20Godfrey%20bookshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1

The cover of Bill Matthews’

Godfrey book

The personal inscription inside the

front cover

    Godfrey Autographed Book Auction


AniMazSpot Posters

We have 20 Hi Rez Posters now available, which were displayed at the 2009 & 2010 Weekend of Animated Shorts festivals.

All 2010 posters were designed

by Karen Reynoso. Our new festival

Juggler was designed by Lou Romano. 

Joe Sikoryak’s original logo, has been revised by Lou’s wife, Ellen Moon Lee.




These three posters were displayed at the inaugural AniMazSpot festival; the main poster listing all the programs (2009-1), the Best of Festival nominees poster (2009-2),

and the four and a half hour Animated Shorts Marathon Screening poster (2009-3)

The fourteen 2010 posters were displayed at the 2nd Annual Weekend of Animated Shorts festival:

the main poster featured the new Lou Romano character juggling some highlights of our 2010 festival (2010-1),

the nine programs; Woodbury (2010-2), Tom Sito (2010-3), Ucla Archives (UPA-4), Pixar (2010-5), Fred Crippen (2010-6),

Kim Adelman (2010-7), Toon In to the World of Animation archives (2010-8), Women in Animation (2010-9),

Filmmakers Forum (2010-10), a poster for all 3 Nominations Screenings (2010-11), one anticipating

the final Best of Festival nominees (2010-12), the final 8 Best of Festival nominees (2010-13),

and a Call for 2011 animated shorts entries (2010-14).


















The Hi Rez posters are 30 x 20,

are shipped in a sturdy mailing tube,

and festival director, Tee Bosustow,

if requested, will sign your poster for a

minimal fee. All prices include shipping

and handling;  Priority Mail for domestic

and First Class for international.

These three 2010 posters were displayed at the 2010 UPA Tribute, promoting AniMazSpot 2010:

UPA-6 is a Call for Entries for the last quarter, UPA-8 was a look back at the first festival, and

UPA-9 was promoting the upcoming festival, featuring the winners of the first two quarters.













Click this Panel for any questions 
about ordering AniMazSpot Postersmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:animazspot@me.com?subject=Hi%20Rez%20Poster%20order/questionshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1shapeimage_18_link_2

Click this Panel for UPA Tribute Postersmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Posters%20Questionmailto:upapix@icloud.com?subject=UPA%20Tribute%20Poster%20Questionshapeimage_19_link_0shapeimage_19_link_1

Punky Pets

Paula and Charles Unger, who entered two of their Punky Pets animated shorts to two different years of the AniMazSpot festivals, also donated several boxes of Punky Pet plush characters, pictured to the left.

It was a very generous offer-in-kind to help raise funds for the yearly AniMazSpot animation festival.  However, several of us tried a number of different ways to try to sell them, all with no success.

So, over the holidays of 2012 it was decided

to donate them to Toys for Totes.








   To View UPA-Related Items for Sale, click “Shop” above, for Items

   we’re clearing out of our Production Office, click “Spring Cleaning”


One of the families adopted for the holidays was presented a large box of Toys for Tots toys and clothes, and one of our members was there

to get a photo of some of the reactions.

The young girl, pictured on the right,

searched around in the big cardboard

box of toys and clothes and other gifts,

and came up with her own special choice,

the Punky Pet Skunk, pictured in her hands

to the right, and above on the extreme left

of the little line of Punky Pets. It brought

the biggest smile of all, and was well

worth any funds we might have

made otherwise.

Donated to Toys for Tots

    OMG, It’s Godfrey is one of the programs scheduled for AniMazSpot 2011.  
    Not many young animation aficionado know the work of Bob Godfrey.  The 
    programs on Pixar, Avatar, DreamWorks, UPA, and some of the others at 
    AniMazSpot 2011 seem to be getting more attention, but one look at this 
    video (just below) produced by Ken Priebe at Van Arts in Canada, and the 
    younger generation will immediately see why Bob Godfrey is considered 
    one of the giants of independent animation.

    This video is essentially a distilled 3 minute version of the one hour program     
    set for AniMazSpot 2011, September 15/19, which will consist of clips from 
    Godfrey’s award winning shorts, intersperse with clips from an interview 
    Priebe did, and others at VanArts conducted with Godfrey.  And, Godfrey 
    is just as delightful as his animated creations.

    We should give some of you younger animators one little bit of movie history 
    before you play the video.  Don’t worry, your video is not upside down, that’s 
    just one of the zany images from Bob Godfrey’s out-of -the box brain. Anyway,  
    to help you understand the opening gag, J. Arthur Rank was a major British 
    motion picture company, making and distributing films all around the world, 
    when Godfrey started making animated shorts.  Every Rank feature began 
    with a bare-chested muscle man swinging a large hammer that strikes a 
    huge gong, to announce that you were about to watch another great film 
    from the giant British movie organization, J. Arthur Rank.   Now, enjoy.http://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1shapeimage_21_link_2shapeimage_21_link_3shapeimage_21_link_4shapeimage_21_link_5shapeimage_21_link_6shapeimage_21_link_7shapeimage_21_link_8shapeimage_21_link_9shapeimage_21_link_10shapeimage_21_link_11shapeimage_21_link_12shapeimage_21_link_13shapeimage_21_link_14shapeimage_21_link_15shapeimage_21_link_16shapeimage_21_link_17shapeimage_21_link_18shapeimage_21_link_19shapeimage_21_link_20shapeimage_21_link_21shapeimage_21_link_22shapeimage_21_link_23

    OMG, it’s Godfrey Press Video
        now part of the Full Press Video, which you can view by clicking 
        either of these panels, or just view the Godfrey portion below. http://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlhttp://www.tooninanimation.net/animazspot/animazspot/Media.htmlshapeimage_22_link_0shapeimage_22_link_1shapeimage_22_link_2shapeimage_22_link_3


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 posters and to order high rez quality posters 
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